Mayor Burkhardt – State of the Village of Edon

Edon VC - Jan2013 - LHF (4) WEBMembers of Council, Board of Public Affairs, and Residents,

During the past year, the Council and BPA have accomplished many projects that have improved the Village and quality of life that we all enjoy in this community.  Although income tax collection was down twelve percent, I am hoping to see somewhat of an increase in 2013.

I am certain we will all agree the relocation of the Village Administrative Offices in the former Edon Medical Clinic and the demolition of the old Village Hall would be number one on the list of projects and improvements completed in the Village this past year.  The lot was paved for additional parking, the back block building was insulated and sided, two walk-in doors and lights above the overhead doors were replaced.  Thank you to all who helped make this possible!!

Following are some highlights of the past year:

  • The VerizonCellularCommunicationsTower was erected and in service
  • Established curbside recycling for all residents
  • Time Warner Cable is available upon request
  • Adopted the Plan of Operation and Governance for The Electric Power Aggregation Program established with FirstEnergy
  • Replaced the east double doors, a portion of the concrete approach and handrails at the CommunityBuilding
  • Established park hours at WalzPark and installed new signs
  • Established No Truck routes on certain side streets within the Village and installed new signs
  • Replaced numerous old street signs with new ones
  • Crack sealed several streets
  • Cleaned catch basins
  • Purchased new utility software for water and sewer billings
  • Repaired major water leaks on East Indiana, Franklin, North Union and North Summit Streets
  • Replaced sewer tanks at 206 North Union and 404 North Michigan Streets
  • Replaced the exhaust fan in the BlowerBuilding at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Replaced the air conditioner at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Replaced the utility truck’s transmission
  • Made other repairs and upgrades at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Village received a Community Development Block Grant of $26,509 to cover the entire cost of the Phase III Sidewalk Replacement Project, this being the final phase.

The Ohio Department of Transportation completed the resurfacing of State Route 34 from the east corporation sign, west to the Indiana State Line and State Route 49 from the south corporation sign, north to U.S. Highway 20.  They also marked the parking stalls and crosswalks.

The Engineer/Zoning Inspector issued 18 permits for a total of $495 equaling $46,595 in construction costs.  The Inspector also worked closely with the Village Hall Project and numerous projects with the Street and Water & Wastewater Superintendents.

The Police Department continues to work with other County agencies to help make not only the Village of Edon but the whole surrounding area a very safe place to reside.  The Department also continues to work closely with the school to protect the children and staff.

Although much was accomplished in 2012, there are many challenges and opportunities for the Village of Edon in 2013.  Together with Council, the Board of Public Affairs and all the employees, we will continue to cautiously manage the future of our community.  Finally, to all of you who have contributed so much of your time and expertise to the Village this past year – THANK YOU!!!


Darlene J. Burkhardt, Mayor

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