2013 4-H Endowment Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Fulton County 4-H Program would like to announce the following recipients for the 2013 Fulton County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarships. To be eligible for the endowment scholarships, 4-H members (present or past) filled out a scholarship application form and were then selected based on their projects taken in 4-H, their community activities, their 4-H experiences and their long-range career goals. Recipients of these scholarships awarded are:

Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education: Aaron King, Adriane Bruner
Cook Memorial and Recognition Award: Danielle Thieman
Clark Biddle Holstein Scholarship: Dylan Henricks
Biddle Scholarship for Career Public Speaking: Keegan Scott
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Education: Taylor Kruse
Clair Jones Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Kovar
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Science & Technology: Shay Smallman
Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education: Mary Imre
Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science and Technology: Kira Andre
4-H Horse Council Scholarship: Hannah Herr, Grant Hildreth
Tonia McQuillin Memorial 4-H King & Queen Scholarship: Connor Ruetz, Kaitlin Ruetz

4-H Winners Announced
The Fulton County 4-H Program is proud to announce the following pre-fair judging results. Congratulations on a job well done! The following are the abbreviations used to identify which honors were awarded.
HM = Honorable Mention
CW = County Winner
SFR = State Fair Representative

Accessories for Teens – Keely Silveous, HM
Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Judith Stasa, HM
Archery – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Hannah Stinson, HM
Archery – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Nathan Herr, SFR, CW; Tyler Burkholder, HM
Arcs & Sparks – McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW
ATV Safety – Sydney Creps, SFR, CW
Basic Archery – Carisa Hoffman, SFR, CW; Emily Herr, CW; Alexander Browning, HM;
Kamryn Ruetz, HM; Connor Ruetz, HM
Basic Beekeeping – Nathaniel McVay, SFR, CW; Seth Beaverson, CW
Beyond the Grill – Taylor Wilcoxon, SFR, CW
Bicycling for Fun, Jr. – Justice Beck, SFR, CW
Bicycling for Fun, Sr. – Ethan Hagans, SFR, CW
Cake Decorating, Jr. Beginner – Jettie Burget, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW
Cake Decorating, Jr. Intermediate – Conner Hicks, SFR, CW; Anastacia Hite, HM
Cake Decorating, Sr. Beginner – Megan Gillen, SFR, CW; Emalee Stewart, CW
Clothes for HS & College – Emalee Stewart, CW
Collectibles – Caleb Zamora, CW; Paige Smith, HM
Crank it Up – Miah Beauregard, CW
Creative Writing – Chelsea Creque, CW; Keely Edwards, HM; Melayna Stuckey, HM
Dashboard Dining – Samantha Keil, SFR, CW
Dog Obedience – Caleb Bagi, CW; Kay Ellen Rieff, HM
Dog Showmanship – Caleb Bagi, CW; Michael Baker, HM
Electric Radio-Controlled Vehicles – Andrew Baughman, SFR, CW
Explore Insect World I – Madeleine Wixom, CW
Family History Treasure Hunt, 1st Year – Rayna Schmidt, SFR, CW
Family History Treasure Hunt, 3rd Year – Kaitlin Ruetz, SFR, CW
Finishing Up – Kassi Studer, SFR, CW
First Aid in Action – Kamryn Ruetz, CW; Mindy O’Neill, HM
Fishing for the Beginner – Jenna Hallett, CW
Focus on Photo Level 1 – Mary Miller, CW; Lacotus Spiess-Ebersole, CW
Food & Fitness Choices – Hannah Fritsch, SFR, CW
Fun with Clothes – Carsyn Hagans, CW
Get Started in Art, Jr. –Drew Beauregard, SFR, CW; Andrea Smithmyer, HM; Kaitlyn Malone, HM
Get Started in Art, Sr. – Carissa Call, SFR, CW; Samantha Pennington, HM
Global Gourmet – Danielle Thieman, SFR, CW; Ashleigh Allison, HM
Grill Master – Owen LaPlante, SFR, CW
Growing with the Seasons – Michael Gillen, CW
How Does Your Garden Grow – Haley Ambil, HM
Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Jr. – Brayden Monahan, SFR, CW
Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Sr. – Michael Baker, SFR, CW
I Spy in the Kitchen – Jay-R Allison, SFR, CW
Investigating Electricity – Steven Bozarth, SFR,CW; Tanner Callicotte, HM
Leadership Road Trip – Grant Sauber, SFR, CW
Let’s Bake Quick Breads – Zachary Lenz, SFR, CW; Derek Berger, HM
Let’s Explore Outdoor – Jessica French, SFR, CW; Joseph Richardson, HM
Look Great for Less – Emalee Stewart, SFR, CW; Mallorie Strauss, HM
Mastering Photography – Emily Gafner, SFR, CW
Magic of Electricity – Matthew Wagner, CW
Make Over My Space, Jr. – Mikayla Rochelle, SFR, CW
Make Over My Space, Sr. – Allison Wacha, SFR, CW
Making the Cut – Nathan Buchhop, SFR, CW
Measuring Up, Jr. – Trey Theobald, SFR, CW; Shane Call, HM
Measuring Up, Sr. – Kallie Strauss, SFR, CW
Money Fundamentals – Samantha Keil, SFR,CW; Kevin O’Neil, HM
Money Moves – Austin Mohler, SFR, CW
Nailing it Together – Jacob Buchhop, SFR, CW; Bailey O’Neil, CW; Peter Simon, CW
Ohio Birds – Derek Berger, CW
Outer Layers – Emily Roth, HM
Pantry Panic: Advanced – Lauren Jones, SFR, CW
Party Planner – Brynn Ballmer, SFR, CW
Pet Rabbit – Cassandra Lee, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM
Photography Master – Rylee Ford, SFR, CW
Pocket Pets – Paige Blad, CW; Alexandria Lee, HM
Purr-Fect Pals – Eli Warncke, CW; Chloe Creque, HM
Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals – Aaron Johnson, SFR, CW
Rifle – Shooting Sports – Jillian Speer, HM
Robotics 2 – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Preston Baker, HM
Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Mason Kinsman, SFR, CW; Brier Cook, HM
Rockets- Estes Type – Jayce Helminiak, SFR, CW; Laurel Garbers, HM
Rope – Sydney Kohler, CW
Safe Use of Guns – Ava Hoylman, SFR, CW; Joseph Gillen, CW
Science Fun with Dairy – McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW
Scrapbooking, Jr. – Emily Hill, SFR, CW; Mindy O’Neill, HM; Jettie Burget, HM
Scrapbooking, Sr. – Carli Sly, SFR, CW; Nicky Winland, CW; Regan Ford, CW; Rachel Short, HM; Emalee Stewart, HM
Self-Determined, Jr. – Steven Bozarth, SFR, CW; Alexandra Gillen, HM; Leah Cole, HM
Self-Determined, Sr. – Austin Bartos, SFR, CW; Brian O’Neil, CW
Self-Determined, Computers – Connor Hagans, SFR, CW
Sew Fun – Kayla Johnson-Dixon, SFR, CW; Arlie Lambright, HM
Shopping Savvy – Hannah Pinkelman, SFR, CW
Shotgun – Shooting Sports – Luke Borsos, SFR, CW
Snack Attack – Austin Rearick, SFR, CW; Molly Schroder, HM
Sundresses and Jumpers – Felicity Strang, SFR, CW; Emmalyn Wooley, HM
Star Spangled Foods – Leah Cole, SFR, CW; Kendra Sanford, HM; Kayla Miller, HM
Teen Boardmanship- Shay Smallman – SFR, CW; Christian Renner, HM
Teens on the Road to Financial Success – Matthew Lenz, SFR, CW
Tractor 1 – Matthew Fritsch, CW
Trapping Muskrats – Stanley Legenza, CW
Vegetable Gardening – Emma Fritsch, HM; Sophia Meyer, HM
Vet 1 – Isabella Ruiz, SFR, CW
Vet 2 – Hannah Herr, SFR, CW
Vet 3 – Kaitlin Ruetz, SFR, CW
Warm It Up – Austin Hill, CW
Wired for Power – Conner Johnson, CW
Writing and Reporting for Teens – Kay Ellen Rieff, CW
You & Your Dog – Kay Ellen Rieff, CW; Cameron Estep, HM
You Can Quilt – Alyssa Noe, SFR, CW; Keely Edwards, HM
You’re the Chef – Morgan Schmidt, SFR, CW
4-H Club Teen Leadership – Cory Johnson, HM

Outstanding Photography Project – Rylee Ford
Outstanding Woodworking Project – Trey Theobald

2013 Fulton County Skillathon Winners

Jr. Dog Skillathon – 1st place–Trinity Martinez; 2nd place-Cory Johnson; 3rd place-Conner Johnson; 4th place – Morgan Miller; 5th place – Kirsten Truckor

Sr. Dog Skillathon – 1st place-Michael Baker; 2nd place–Kay Ellen Rieff;

Jr. Goat Skillathon – 1st place–Morgan Miller; 2nd place-Arika Zeiter; 3rd place–Chandler Ruetz;
4th place-Kamryn Ruetz; 5th place– Trinity Martinez

Sr. Goat Skillathon –Caprine King -Ethan Short; Caprine Queen- Esther Heilman;
1st place – Esther Heilman; 2nd place–Sarah Simon; 3rd place-Ethan Short; 4th place–Payton Miller; 5th place– (tie) Kathryn Helminiak; Jolyssa Tedrow

Jr. Poultry Skillathon – 1st place – Conner Johnson; 2nd place – Morgan Miller; 3rd place – Kirsten Truckor; 4th place – Cory Johnson; 5th place – Noah Rubel

Sr. Poultry Skillathon – 1st place – Michael Baker; 2nd place–Harley Serres; 3rd place–Mikayla Russell;

County 4-H Jr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place–Briley Rupp; 2nd place–Aengus McIlwain; 3rd place-Draven Wheeler-Hartson

County 4-H Intermediate Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place–Mikayla Russell; 2nd place–Kathryn Helminiak; 3rd place–Cory Johnson; 4th place– Conner Johnson; 5th place- Harley Serres

County 4-H Sr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place–Kay Ellen Rieff; 2nd place–Helena Snyder

Ohio State Fair Representatives: Horse Qualifiers – Mary Miller; Maggie Carter; Mickenna Schweinhagen; Emily Friend; Ashley Condon; Morgan Schmidt; Madison Campbell; Braelyn Cunningham; Mikaela Oyer; Rachel Lee; Sarah Lee; Alyssa Condon; Hannah Herr; Tiffany Burkheimer; Courtney Burkheimer; Tyler Echler; Hannah Knapp; Mary Beth Thompson; Sarah Beck; Elizabeth Beck; Harley Vandesande; Jennaya Hibbard; Zoe Poling; Dakota Kessler

Rachel Lee: 10th – Equitation 8-11yrs
Sarah Lee: 9th – Horsemanship 17yrs
Ashley Condon: 7th – Western Pleasure 15-16 yrs
Mikaela Oyer: 2nd – Showmanship 18yrs, 5th – Showmanship Championships, 1st – Western Pleasure 17-18yrs, 6th – Western Pleasure Championships, 4th – Hunter Under Saddle 17-18yr, 9th – Horse Skillathon, Sr. Div.
Maggie Carter: 1st place 13 yr. Old Showmanship, 1st place 13 yr. old Horsemanship, 3rd in 13 yr. old English Equitation. 7th in Championship Horsemanship 9-18 yrs old.
Allison Herr: 3rd horse skillathon 9 yr. old
Braelynn Cunningham: 9th western pleasure horse
Jennaya Hibbard: 9th in Jr. stakes, 4th – Hunter Under Saddle 17-18yrs
Mary Beth Thompson: 4th place in Pony Pole Bending
Braelynn Cunningham: placing 9th in western pleasure
Mary Miller: 2nd place 13 year old horsemanship, 3rd place 12-13 year old equitation, 7th place Championship Horsemanship.

Kailey Kruse: 1st place showmanship for 17-year-olds, 1st place Breed ID for 17-year-olds, 3rd place Rabbit Judging 17-18 year old, 1st place New Zealand White Intermediate Buck & then won Best Opposite Sex New Zealand, 1st place Holland Lop Broken Sr. Buck & then got Best of Breed Holland Lop
Briley Rupp: 1st Rabbit Skillathon 10 yrs old, 5th 8-10 yr old rabbit showmanship, 4th 8-10 yr old rabbit breed ID
Brady Rupp: 7th Rabbit Skillathon 15 yrs old, 5th 15 yr old rabbit showmanship
Krista Thierry: 4th Rabbit Skillathon 16 yrs old, 3rd 16 yr old rabbit showmanship, 3rd Rabbit Judging 16 yrs old, Best of Variety and Best of Group Netherland Dwarf in Open and Youth shows
McKenna Thierry: 2nd 10 yr old rabbit showmanship, Best of Breed Himilayan in both Open and Youth shows
Michael Baker: Ohio State Fair Rabbit Scholarship Recipient and 3rd Place Rabbit Breed Identification
Brayden Monahan: 6th place Rabbit Skillathon, 4th Place Rabbit Judging Contest
Lauren Hall: Reserve Champion Rabbit Judging Contest
Nathan Hall: 10th Place Rabbit Skillathon
Hannah Stinson: 2nd Place Rabbit Skillathon; Best of Breed Polish Rabbit

Garrett Cass: Reserve Grand Champion swine, 5th showmanship, 13th overall market exhibitor.
Roman Dominique: 2nd place in his class for Light Cross Barrow, Grand Champion Division 1 Dark Cross Barrow Hog, 3rd place in 11 year old showmanship
Ashton Dominique: Grand Champion Division 3 Dark Cross Barrow hog, 3rd place 10 year old hog showmanship, Reserve Grand Champion overall Dark Cross Barrow, 2nd in class in Jr. Jackpot Gilt Show

Ross Andre: Jersey- 5th Intermediate Calf, 8th- Senior Calf, 10th- Fall Yearling Heifer.
Kira Andre: Ohio State Jersey Queen. Kira is the daughter of Nate and Trish Andre. She was a ten year member of the Wauseon Royal Clovers 4-H Club, and a graduate of Wauseon High School. She is currently attending The Ohio State University ATI, majoring in Dairy/Animal Science and Food Science. Kira has shown Jersey Cattle for many years, winning showmanship at the county, state and national levels. She enjoys promoting the dairy industry by helping others with their projects, serving as Fulton County Dairy Ambassador in 2010 and 2011. Additionally, she was recently crowned Ohio Jersey Queen for 2013-14. Other projects Kira has participated in are sewing, dogs, vegetable gardening and raising call ducks. Kira plans on obtaining her Bachelors Degree, working in the Dairy Industry and someday owning an All Jersey processing Plant.

Clock Trophy Winners
Garrett Puehler: Archery (Shooting Sports), Junior
Andrew Baughman: Radio-Controlled Vehicles, Junior

“Outstanding of the Day” Award Winners
Jettie Burget: Cake Decorating, Beginner Junior
Sydney Creps: ATV, Junior
Mikayla Rochelle: Makeover My Space (Home Decorating), Junior
Garrett Puehler: Robotics (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Day)
Jacob Buchhop: Nailing It Together (Woodworking), Senior
Brynn Ballmer: Party Planner (Food & Nutrition)
Samantha Kiel: Dashboard Dining (Food & Nutrition)
Claris Hoffman: Basic Archery

Ohio State Fair Beef Skillathon
Brayden Monahan: 6th place – 10 yr. old division
Presten Baker: 7th place – 12 yr. old division
Adam Kinsman: 3rd place – 13 yr. old division
Samantha Norman: 1st place – 16 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Poultry Skillathon
Brayden Monahan: 6th place – 10 yr. old division
Preston Baker: 6th place – 12 yr. old division
Hannah Stinson: 11th place – 13 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Livestock Judging Contest, Senior Division
Justin Nofziger: 6th place – Sheep High Individual Overall, 9th place – Swine High Individual Overall, 21st place – Beef High Individual Overall, 15th place – High Individual Reasons, 8th place – High Individual Overall, 16th place – High Team Overall

Ohio State Fair Poultry
Preston Baker: 1st Place Market Turkey Showmanship
TJ Baker: 4th Place Market Turkey Showmanship


PHOTO: Fulton County 4-H Scholarship Winners:

L-R back row; Taylor Kruse, Keegan Scott, Connor Ruetz, Grant Hildreth, Dylan Henricks, Sarah Kovar, Kaitlin Ruetz, Shay Smallman, Adriane Bruner.

L-R front row; Hannah Herr, Arlene Stoup (Earl Cook scholarship sponsor representative), Danielle Thieman, Mary Imre

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