2014 City of Wauseon Income Tax Office Press Release

The city of Wauseon Income Tax Office would like to go over some regulations for filing city of Wauseon income tax returns, as well as some tips and common issues. This press release is not all encompassing of the city’s tax code. It merely touches upon the most common questions and issues when it comes to filing the city of Wauseon’s income tax return. The Wauseon Income Tax Office is located at 230 Clinton Street, room 108, in the same hallway as the Water Clerk and the Recreation office. The tax office hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday; however since it is a one person office, the door is locked for lunch and break from 12:15pm – 1:30pm. To contact the Income Tax Commissioner call 419-335-1171 or email Mark.Shadbolt@cityofwauseon.com.

If you are a resident who resides within the city limits of Wauseon for any amount of time in 2013, then you are required to file a city return. Owners of rental property located within Wauseon city limits and owners of businesses that conducted business within Wauseon city limits in 2013 are also required to file a city of Wauseon return. College students with a home of record in the city limits of Wauseon, and have income, are required to file the Wauseon return as well. If there is any doubt as to whether a college student needs to file, please contact the income tax office. A common question about who should file concerns the age of the individual. Any resident with income and 16 years of age or older is required to file.

City income tax returns are to be filled out, signed by the filer and mailed or dropped off to the Wauseon Income Tax Office by April 15, 2014. All returns and payments owed must be received by April 15, 2014 to avoid late fees and penalties. City of Wauseon income tax returns cannot be filed electronically. If you have your tax preparer e-file your federal and state returns, do not forget to paper file your city return. Blank returns are mailed to active filers in the city’s computer system in January. Blank returns can also be printed on the city’s website: www.cityofwauseon.com in the “forms center”. Or, blank returns are available for pick up in the Income Tax Office.

Most questions concerning income tax revolve around what is taxable income. The most common type of taxable income is W2 income (or paycheck income) earned by residents of Wauseon. But what is not commonly known is that gambling income earned by residents of Wauseon is also taxable to the city and it should be reported on the tax return. Each year, the city receives a list of residents who received a 1099G from a state lottery office or a casino. If that income is not reported, one could face fines and penalties in addition to the tax due. Profit from rental property located within the city limits of Wauseon and profit from business conducted within the city limits of Wauseon are both taxable income to Wauseon regardless of the owner’s city of residence. Some common forms of non-taxable income include: Unemployment Compensation, Social Security Income, Interest Income and Military Pay. However, if all of your income was non-taxable or you had $0 income, please contact the office to verify that you do not have to file. In some cases, you still may be required to file a return.

Additional tips:

• If you filed an extension with the IRS, Wauseon will honor that extension but you must send a copy of the extension paperwork to the Wauseon Income Tax Office

• If taxes are withheld from your check for another city, Wauseon will give you credit towards Wauseon’s tax

• The city’s tax rate is 1.5%

• The city will accept checks, money orders and cash as forms of payment

• New this year, the city will also accept debit/credit cards, but there is a 3.5% fee

• The Income Tax Commissioner will fill out your city return no charge during office hours. You will need to bring a copy of your completed federal return, all w2’s and all 1099’s

• If the office is locked, returns and payments can be dropped off at the water clerk’s window

• During non-business hours, returns and payments can be dropped in the night drop at the front of the building

• Do not wait until April 15th to come in to the office as there can be up to an hour wait

• The best tip is simple: if you have any questions, please contact the office


– Mark Shadbolt

City of Wauseon Income Tax Commissioner



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