Stryker Village Council Reminds Residents Of Spring Clean-Up

By: Jake Weber
The Village Reporter

(Monday, May 11th 2015): STRYKER—As Monday’s ferocious storms subsided in Williams County, Mayor Hughes and the Stryker Village Council assembled to discuss the past month’s events and local happenings. As per each meeting, Hughes opened with a prayer followed with the Pledge of Allegiance before opening the table for discussion.

After roll call—Councilman Fox would be absent—the council reviewed the previous meeting’s minutes from April 12th; councilman Beck would motion to approve the minutes which was subsequently seconded. Following the review, Village Fiscal Officer Beth Rediger presented the Financial Report as of May 8th of this year. Rediger discussed the village’s overall $35,000 gain in revenue from last month’s meeting. In comparison to the village’s financial situation during this time last year, Rediger noted that financially the village has seen an increase of about $44,000.

Mayor Hughes brought to the council’s attention regarding the current standing of Stryker’s Homecoming: as of the time of the meeting there are no developing plans for a Homecoming event in Stryker. Councilman Terry Wieland informed the council there is a possibility of such an event possibly transpiring—he would offer to contact the Heritage Council directly to resolve the undetermined situation.

With no citizens present at the meeting, the council would proceed to review the Committee Reports. A Records Commission Meeting was held earlier in the day at 4:30pm with a following Judiciary Committee meeting. Due to the meetings occurring just before the council meeting, no further action could be discussed. In regards to Old Business, the council resurrected the standing on last month’s topic of discussion: the reallocation of income tax for the village. Councilman Bob Sperling suggested that the council proceed with cultivating an ordinance in June to present in July—noting that a new tax proposed by the township had recently failed. As the council further discussed the matter, an overall consensus was formed as the council felt the reallocation measure would have a greater chance of passing rather than a new proposed tax to residents, despite the actuality of the new tax’s purpose. Mayor Hughes additionally noted that residents are almost unanimously against the proposed tax. Councilman Sperling would motion to pursue formulating an ordinance for the reallocation tax, which was subsequently seconded. All present in the roll call voted yes.

Village Administrator Gary St. John updated the council with the latest administration report. Notable events and information included:

• Issue with an air release valve at the gas station

• Helped out a resident with a water softening issue

• Collected and reviewed data for telecommunication companies, noting that Stryker is now fiber-optic compatible

• Cold-mixed potholes have all been repaired. Advises council members and residents to notify of any passed or missed repairs.

• Vandalism incident: three signs were tampered with, 1 painted

• Replaced ongoing water meters

Police Chief Steven Schlosser promptly updated the council with the village’s police reports. With little administration information to discuss, Schlosser informed the council of the police department’s troubles with two of their vehicles: two cars had been lost the previous weekend to radiator issues in the 2006 and 2011 Dodge models. Schlosser expressed his frustration with the issue, as they have been continually persistent, and would notify the council if the necessary repairs to the vehicles would still be under warranty. In regards to the vandalism incident, Chief Schlosser was informed that both residents and students of Stryker have been collectively silent on the issue. Parental cooperation with students and officials, Schlosser expressed, is important in pursuing any further information.

A heated discussion took place regarding the possible purchase of property that could be utilized by the village. Councilman Wieland expressed his passionate disapproval for the idea, stating that the village does not already utilize the land and property already owned. Councilman Rex Blevins agreed with Wieland’s discomfort in pursuing any further property acquisitions, noting that voters may view the purchase negatively with the current financial standings and the pursuit of the village’s reallocation measures. Valid arguments were presented by each council member before an ultimate understanding was concluded that future property acquisitions would be tabled for when necessary.

One final topic before the conclusion of the meeting was brought up by Village Administrator Gary St. John in regards to Stryker’s Spring Clean-Up that is set to take place on June 6th. Gary asked that residents be informed of all necessary preparation for the event as well as any restrictions or guidelines for the unlimited pick-up:

• Items need to be out by 7am on June 6th

• Yard waste will not be accepted: branches, leaves, grass, etc

• Hazardous waste will not be permitted: batteries, pesticides, liquid paint, etc. Dried paint is acceptable as long as lid is off paint can

• No tires

• No types of liquid

• Empty burn barrels will be accepted at the landfill—barrels full of ashes will NOT be accepted

• Household items such as TVs, mattresses, box springs, etc are acceptable

• Lawn and Garden items such as mowers, roto tillers, swing sets, etc are acceptable: liquids must be drained

• Construction material will be accepted—no concrete—as long as material does not exceed 5 feet in length. Material must fit into the roll off container

• Metal and appliances certified Freon free and tagged as such by a certified Freon recycler. All other appliances are acceptable.

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