A Look Into German Heritage With Larry Kruse In Archbold

1238967_510525325691455_306623646_n_thumb8Lawrence “Larry” Kruse will be giving a PowerPoint presentation entitled “In Search of my German Roots” on Sunday July 20 at 2:00 p.m. at the Lutheran Services Building across from Four County School, 5 miles south of Archbold on Ohio Route #66.

Kruse is a retired school teacher with an interest in family genealogy and shares his experiences in his searching of records both here in America and also in Germany. He has researched the families of Kruse, Hinze, Meyer, Korte, Schulty, Beckman, Schlotz and Lienhardt families.

Kruse will share several mysteries that still exist as part of the family histories. He will also briefly look at both the High and Low German languages and what they show us about the German people. German influences that still exist here in northwestern Ohio will also be shown.

The Schnitzelbank Song will be sung and refreshments will also be served. You need not be a member of GLH to attend. The program is in English. Guests are always welcome.

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