Kunkle: A Lot of Theft, One Man Is Named

By Jennifer Manlove – THE VILLAGE REPORTER

Michael Barns of Kunkle was charged in connection to the recent thefts that took place in Madison Township. According to the Williams County Sherriff‘s Department, Mr. Barns will be receiving a summons to appear in the Municipal Court.

When the thefts began, many of the residents and former residents of the small town were alarmed. For the most part, Kunkle is a small quiet town. The thefts seemed to influence many of the residence to change their daily routines, by locking their cars, shutting windows at night, and locking up their houses. One resident said that the thefts made them feel that their “safe place was no longer safe”.

According to authorities, Mr. Barns was stealing batteries from vehicles that he could gain access to. He was then taking the batteries to a local gas station for money. After repeated trips to the gas station an employee made a call to the Sheriff’s department. Not long after they received the tip, an arrest was made. The Williams County Sheriff’s Department advises all residents of the county to lock their cars and houses to avoid being a victim.

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