Alan Riegsdecker’s Goal Is To Keep Things Running Smoothly As New Administrator In Stryker

stryker-admin-webBy: James Pruitt

The village of Stryker has a new administrator, but it’s a familiar face to the community.

Alan Riegsdecker, 51, took over the administrator’s position Sept. 1 after Gary St. John retired. The move had been in the works for several months.

Riegsdecker has been working for the village since 2002 as superintendent for water and wastewater. Before that, he worked for the Fulton County Road Department and was in construction.

“I was familiar with excavating, water line repairs, that kind of stuff,” Riegsdecker said.

Riegsdecker will add some administrator responsibilities to his job as head of the streets, water and wastewater departments.

He will be responsible for streets, water and sewer, plus central purchasing agent and zoning inspections. All the paperwork, such as issuing permits, will be done right in the office, he said.

Fiscal Officer Beth Rediger will take on the budget and other financial oversight duties.

“Water and wastewater licenses were required for administrators,” Riegsdecker said. “They did not replace me. We are basically downsizing and saving some expense.”

As a working administrator, he will go out and perform his typical day to day activities, Riegsdecker said. He and Rediger will be sharing some of the administrator duties, he said.

The nature of the work is what draws him to and keeps him at it, he said. He likes having the ability to accomplish his tasks in a hands-on fashion.

“I enjoy working outdoors,” Riegsdecker said. “Working with the public has its times, but I enjoy this type of work.

“The hours can be long.”

Riegsdecker had been working with St. John since January of this year to learn the ropes of the administrator job.

While he worked with St. John for years, he said he is different.

“I know I cannot replace Gary for the knowledge he has,” Riegsdecker said. “He’s a very smart man.”

Since he reports to Council, he will let it develop the vision for the town. He would like to maintain the infrastructure so the town can sail along smoothly.

He grew up in Pettisville and is a 1983 graduate of Pettisville High School. He still lives in the rural area there.

He has been married to his wife Tammy for 23 years and has four children ages 17-25.

Besides his work and family, Riegsdecker is a first responder with Williams County EMS and has been a high school basketball referee for 29 years.

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