Edon American History Students Relive First Thanksgiving Experience

THE FIRST THANKSGIVING … Recreating the First Thanksgiving has become a way for students in Mark Blue’s American History class to experience Colonial life “firsthand” ~ to actually have history “come alive” and become “fun”. In preparation for the learning exercise, each student researched his or her costume in addition to the food, games, documents, etc. of that period. Enjoying time after sharing their traditional Thanksgiving meal were front row, from left, Britney Ziko, Jordan Whittaker, Rylee Smith, Ryan Beard, Brooke Schwartz, Angel Marcum, Kayla Poorman, Brittany Combs and Alyssa Chaffee; middle row, Dustin Kissinger, Trevor Green, Levi Cvikel, Jordan Matthews, Brock Thiel, Haley Jacoby, Ashley Bryant, Connor Hug, Anndraya Casper, Wyatt Zulch, Alex Baker and Corisa Brown. Back row, Baylee Gearhart, River Wicker, Mike Peeples, Cassi Trausch, Shane Bergdall, Hannah Brehm-Gutting, Lacy Robinson, Jacob Brown, Anna Baugh, Wyatt Walkowski, Sadie Schuller and Mikaela Myers. Not pictured ~ Samantha Mercer, Kalvin Mohre and Malynda Comment.

Donned in easily recognizable Seventeenth Century Puritan and Native American attire, juniors at Edon High School recreated events surrounding the First Thanksgiving as part of their American History Creative Project assignment. For the past five years, students in Mark Blue’s classes have had history “become fun and lively” as they eagerly took on the role of instructor, sharing various aspects of that special occasion with their teacher and classmates.
From learning how the Wampanoags befriended the Pilgrims, teaching them ways to persevere in this New World to how Colonists worked and lived, students completely engaged themselves in the culture and lifestyle of the period. After practical school lessons, enlightening conversations, friendly games and conventional church service, Puritans and Indians sat down together and enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal ~ turkey, bread, corn, potatoes, gravy, cornbread, sweet corn pudding, cider ~ provided by the students.
As everyone prepared for Thanksgiving Break, these young Puritans and Indians found a much greater appreciation for what early settlers endured for the sake of freedom and the significance and importance of this event in the history of our country.

WORSHIP MUSIC … Corisa Brown shared a traditional English folk tune during the church service.

YOU SHALL PRESENT OFFERINGS … Trevor Green led the worship service attended by Puritans and Indians alike.

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