Anonymous Donor Issues Challenge To Fulton County Communities

May 26nd, 2017 (WAUSEON, OH) The Fulton County Historical Society $1 million capital campaign is being sparked with an offer from an Anonymous Donor to match dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 for every tile that is sold for the mosaic mural that will be displayed on the back wall of the lobby in the new Fulton County Museum and Welcome Center.

“The mosaic mural is a great way for people to contribute to our project, while also preserving their place in Fulton County History,” states John Swearingen, Jr., Executive Director of the Fulton County Historical Society. “Each photo tile represents a family or business in Fulton County, either past or present.” The larger mosaic mural image comprised of four inch by four inch tiles will span the back of the lobby wall. “Our new timeline exhibit will tell the story through the eyes of six men and six women, one from each township, who have been influential in Fulton County history,” states Swearingen. “When guests arrive to the Welcome Center, they will immediately get a feel for the important culture and quality of life we have to offer here through this photo mural.”

The mosaic mural will be comprised of four inch by four inch photo tiles. When displayed, the larger image will depict the image of the Fulton County men and women listed above. Tiles can be purchased one (4×4 inch) tile for $100, four tiles (8×8 inches) for $400 or nine tiles (12×12 inches) for $900. “Time and tiles are running out, don’t miss your chance to preserve your place in Fulton County History,” encourages Swearingen, “and June through September you will essentially be doubling your gift thanks to our generous donor!”

The campaign so far has raised over $470,000 of its goal to transform the new Museum space into an interactive, historical, educational and economic entity for Fulton County. Plans include a permanent timeline exhibit, special exhibit space, reading room, research room, archives and event spaces. For more information or to purchase a tile, visit the Historical Society at 229 Monroe St., P.O. Box 104, Wauseon, OH, call 419-337-7922 or email


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