Archbold Commits $100,000 To Boost Business District Affected By Rerouting SR 66

By: James Pruitt

The council approved a plan to provide $20,000 a year for five years to the Archbold Community Improvement Corp. to improve local retail and commercial business development and promotion.
The move comes as concerns rise that relocating the SR 66 truck route will negatively impact businesses in the area affected by the project. The financial commitment will be included in the annual appropriation up to $20,000 when the relocation of SR 66 goes out to bid.
The CIC will establish guidelines to oversee the use and effectiveness of this effort in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. The annual appropriation will be for five years, with one five-year extension at the sole discretion of Council.
Approved a zoning change that will allow a higher use in a low use district for the next purchaser of 1924 S. Defiance. The conditional use was recommended by the Planning Commission.
The request from Robert Bushchur, owner of the residence at 1924 S. Defiance St. for a higher use in a lower use District B-2 Highway and Commercial Business came before the Planning Commission in April.
Council approved the transfer of $500,000 from the Income Tax Fund to the Capital Projects Fund.
Council approved the first reading of an ordinance seeking to change the township lines to make them identical with the limits of the village.
The ordinance directs the village attorney to petition the Fulton Board of County Commissioners to change the township lines in order to conform them with the village’s corporation limits, so as to incorporate all annexations that may have taken place since the creation of the village all in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 503.07.
The formal promotion of Donna Dettling to Village Administrator is in effect.
The mayor and clerk of the council have been authorized to execute an employment agreement with Dettling.
Dettling replaces Dennis Howell who resigned June 30.

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