Auto Sales Up 6.3 Percent In March As SUV, Pickups Dominate


DETROIT (AP) — U.S. auto sales grew 6.3 percent in March on rising sales of SUVs and pickup trucks.

Automakers sold more than 1.6 million vehicles for the month as buyers came out of hibernation after a cold, snowy winter.

Autodata Corp. says truck and SUV sales rose 16 percent while car sales plunged more than 9 percent. Nearly two-thirds of all vehicles sold were trucks or SUVs.

All major automakers except Nissan and Hyundai reported sales increases Tuesday. They were led by General Motors at nearly 16 percent and Fiat Chrysler, which was up almost 14 percent on strong Jeep sales.

GM announced Tuesday that after March it will stop reporting U.S. sales every month. Reports will now be done each quarter.

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