Bargain Hunters Clean Up At Edon’s Cinderella Project Sale

Shoppers came by twos and threes to the annual Cinderella Project at Edon High School April 1.
The sale is a fundraiser for Cancer Awareness of Williams County and a way for area girls to get a quality prom dress for $10.

Two Edon High School teachers, Pam Rupp and Annette Peckham coordinate the event. They were assisted by several high school students.
The event is also a reading of the state of the economy, Rupp said. When times are tight, the crowd is large, and when times are good, the shoppers are few, she said.

This year the economy must be doing well.
In leaner times, the event might bring in $1,500 with a line out the door, Rupp said. At the sale this past Saturday, shoppers were few.
“I told the girls if we make $350 I will feel pretty good,” Rupp said.
The Cinderella Project hosted a fashion show Friday night and brought in $85. A basketball event in Bryan likely brought the numbers down in Edon, Peckham said.

Inside the band room, there were racks of gowns and dresses separated by colors. There were racks of reds, purple, green, black and brown. There were some pastels thrown in. These went for $10.
Accessories such as shoes went for $2 a pair, while jewelry and scarves were $1.

The low prices brought the Richmond family of Pioneer in to check out the inventory. This was the first time for Chris and Linda Richmond and their daughter Alex to visit the sale.

“Let’s face it, when dresses cost $100-$200, you go for a bargain,” Linda Richmond said.

Support Cancer Assistance is personal for Rupp. Her first husband had cancer in 2000 and they came to know the organization.

Cancer Assistance pays the bills the insurance companies won’t Rupp said. That includes medicines, co-pays and even gas to get to a doctor.
In the early 2000s there were no local cancer doctors, so that meant trips to Toledo, Rupp said.

“They help in a lot of different ways,” Rupp said. “They pay for wigs.”

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