BBC Scholar Athlete Numbers Approach The Century Mark

The BBC Scholar Athlete listings for the Spring 2014 season were extensive…and long. The listing, recognizing juniors and seniors who lettered in their sport and carried a minimum 3.25 GPA, contained 93 names from the six BBC schools, including eight that were listed as carrying a 4.0 or better GPA.

The list, as provided by BBC Commissioner Randy Bachman, is as follows…



Haley Jacoby

Kaitlyn Manahan

Jordan Matthews

Kaitlin Chrisman

Alex Kiess

Nicole Newell

Hannah Brehm–Gutting

Baylee Gearhart (4.0)

Britney Ziko

Autumn Joice

Destinee Riter

Mike Peeples (4.0)

Wyatt Walkowski

Alex Kirkingburg (4.0)

Coy Dunkle

Kyle Long

Brendan Fifer

Corey Whalen

River Wicker

Wyatt Zulch

Jacob Brown

Kaden Sapp



Jill Stuckey

Ceairia Keller

Liz Maginn

Thomas Ehman

Nathaniel Harvey

Ian Schrock

Koby Biddix

Michael Brubaker

Ryan Gilmore

Dylan Stannard



Jesse Westfall (4.0)

Taylor Tompkins

Brittney Mocherman

Brady Livensparger

Leann Joost

Gabie Johnson

Kailey Creamer

Brooke Chapin

Hannah Bleikamp

Brooke Ashbaugh

Adreyn Yates

Jalen Towers

Dallas Timberman

Jessica Suboski

Shayla Coffman

Justin Ashenfelter


North Central

Abigail Litzenberg

Reese Cogswell

Sabrina Pickford

Macayla Wildrick

Dylan Hutchison

Branden Turner

Jordan Bailey

Colton Pilmore

Brady Cogswell

Taylor Harper

Brooke Schofield



Taylor D’Alelio

Audra Klopfenstein

Olivia Wright

Johanna Roth

Brooke Waidelich (4.0)

Shelby Miller (4.0)

Claire Waidelich

Lauren Hostetler

Trisha Cousino

Kaylyn McDermott

Logan Nofziger

Eli King

Noah Miller

Dustin Nofziger

Dominic Frey

Josiah Hoops

Jeremy Mann

Josh Sauder

Jacob Hauter

Kregg York



Dean Beamont

Zachary Birky

Jacob Hancock

Kyle Rohrs

Zachary Tingley

Megan Neville

Connor Sullivan

Conner Varner (4.0)

Katie Yoder (4.0)

Zachary Greutman

Derek Opdycke

Christine Huston

Kari Oberlin

Gabrielle Paxton

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