BMU Shows Off Solar Array To Bryan Residents


Solar power plays an important part in helping Bryan Municipal Utilities become more green when it comes to energy production.

The department hosted a public gathering Oct. 6 to showcase the solar array on SR 34 west of the city as part of its Utilities Week festivities. A few dozen people came out to learn about the array and take advantage of the free food and trinkets being given away.

The 14-acre solar array produces enough energy to power 260 average homes in Bryan, BMU Public Relations representative Eric Herman said.

The array consists of 23,530 specially built panels that soak in solar rays from the sun and converts into energy that is sent to the grid. The panels are built and positioned to maximize the solar rays that strike Northwest Ohio.

The utility had a computer monitor set up to show the public how much the array was producing. For this day it was 236 kilowatt hours.

There was a bike where people could pedal to show much energy is required to light standard bulbs and the new LED lights and other appliances.

A worker brought his truck to show his tools he uses to work on lines around town.

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