Bryan City Council Moves Forward On 2016 Miscellaneous Sewer Project


Although not much remains of calendar year 2016, members of the Bryan City Council have decided to use the remaining days in preparation of a project to be referred to as the 2016 Miscellaneous Sewer Project.

Put forth as Resolution 28-2016 at the November 7 regular session of the City Council, members, under suspended rules of reading, approved the measure to advertise for bids for the project. According to City Engineer Brian Wieland, “We will be replacing sanitary and storm sewers in the 200 block of North Walnut Street. We are going to be adding storm sewer in the 100 block of West Foster Street, and we’re also going to add some additional storm sewage on East Wilson Street, near the Industrial Park area, which will be close to the substation that we have in that area.” Mr. Wieland expects to have bids prepared for submission to Council by the December meeting. “We’re budgeting around $200,000 for it, and I’ve got plenty of money left in my budget to take care of that.”

Council approved Ordinance 42-2016, which provided for the transfer of a total of $900,000 in funds, and also approved Ordinance 43-2016, which allowed for the annual updates to the City of Bryan Municipal Code. Both measures were approved under suspended rules of reading.

Under suspended rules of reading, Council approved a change order for the 2016 Asphalt Program, extending the completion date to December 1. According to Mr. Wieland, the project is, “…about 99.9 percent complete. They’ve got a couple of issues that they need to address out here in the parking lot.” Noting the addition of a traffic loop and some extra drainage on the east side of the lot, Mr. Wieland requested and received the extension desired.

Council also approved change orders for the 2016 Curb Replacement and the Fountain Grove Drive Rehabilitation programs. Mr. Wieland reported that as the weather remained particularly dry during these projects, materials purchased under the assumption of need were, in fact, not needed. The change order for the 2016 Curb Replacement Program will net the city a savings of $1,355.70, and that of the Fountain Grove Drive Rehabilitation will decrease the final cost by $20,237.04. Mr. Wieland noted that the latter project will also have $275,000 covered by an OPWC grant, and that Pulaski Township is contributing $40,000 as well.

In other actions, Council approved the appointment of Jared T. McCann to Reserve Officer status with the Bryan Police Department, effective November 8, and the promotion of Mark Sponsler from the position of Recycling Vehicle Operator, to that of Recycling of Recycling Supervisor. Council also approved the posting of the vacancy of the vacated Recycling Vehicle Operator position.

In a final regular session action before adjournment into executive session, Council approved the transfer of a C1 and C2 liquor license from Tamarkin Co. DBA Giant Eagle #6536, First Floor Only, 6536 West Central Avenue, Sylvania Township, Toledo, Ohio, to P & R Investments Inc. DBA Phil’s One Stop 15, at 402 South Main Street in Bryan. More commonly known as the new Marathon station, the C1 and C2 license classifications allow for beer only in original sealed container for carry out only, and wine and mixed beverages in sealed containers for carry out.

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