Bryan City Council OKs Road Salt Bid; Building Permits

Some mild winters have left the city of Bryan with a surplus of road salt, but that doesn’t mean it will let up on its purchasing.

The City Council approved a request to purchase 1,000 tons at the April 17 meeting. The purchase will be through the state. The price should be close to last year, which was $52.96 per ton. The city has 600 tons in the barn as this past winter was not an average winter. The city has not had an average winter in a couple years, Street Department personnel said. With 1,000 new tons, the city should have reserves after the end of the 2018 season.

The council approved two building permits:

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  • The Williams County YMCA wants to add 7,593 square feet to its Faber Drive site. The project has a price tag of nearly $1.7 million.
  • Selking International, 924 E. Bryan, is planning a $50,000 project. The cost will rise after the fire suppressant system is factored in.

A reminder for residents to keep election signs on their side of the sidewalk for visibility purposes. Construction signs should be removed after the work is done.


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