Bryan City School Board Announces Meeting Updates

Bryan City School District will receive a Career Clarity Grant from Four County Career Center.

The grant, for $3,604.19, will be used to:
• Establish a Career Exploration Course for the seventh grade.

• Offset expenses for the CEO Wednesday event at the high school.

• Establish a Career Passports class.

The school board authorized the purchase two 78-passenger buses;

Gave permission to establish fund #200 967S – Class of 2022

Accepted donations of $2,750 to each building from Academic Booster Club for assemblies and $250 to Cy Dally Scholarship fund from Dean and Mary Grove Roll Call

Superintendent Savage brought the board up to date on the status of construction at the new 6-12 building.

The following workbook and supply fees for 2016-2017 were approved:

Preschool – $75 per month
Grades K-8 – $50
Grade 9-12 – $110


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