Bryan School Board: Driver Fired For Leaving Child On School Bus

Bryan City Schools has fired the bus driver who left a 3-year-old boy on her bus in December.

The board announced the decision at its Jan. 9 meeting. The termination came three days before the driver was to appear in Bryan Municipal Court.

According to the resolution, Superintendent Diana Savage recommended termination of Vicki Rummel to the Board of Education.

Rummel’s employment contract for reasons more fully set forth below; and the Board of Education received evidence from the superintendent which specifically supports and/or documents the reasons for that termination, the document states.

Rummel engaged in unprofessional and inappropriate behavior Dec. 8, 2016, when she failed to follow board policy and procedures to properly inspect her bus at the end of her shift and as a result a student was left on the bus unattended.

Rummel failed to properly supervise students assigned to her care in violation of board policy 4213 – Student Supervision and Welfare.

These acts constitute grounds for Rummel’s firing.

Rummel will be informed in writing of the decision.

In other news:

Four County Career Center School Board Report Mrs. Keeler reported:

• The organizational and regular board meetings were Jan. 5. Brian Baker was elected as the 2017 Board President.

• There is still time to complete and file applications for the 2017-18 school year.

• Spa days will be held on March 27-31, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Tom Lingvai moved and Cindra Keeler seconded a motion to approve the following recommendations: Amended Appropriations for fiscal year 2017. Total appropriations are $37.9 million.

The board approved a resolution announcing its intent to seek voter approval for a renewal of a five-year levy that should raise $1.91 million per year. To get this amount at the district valuation of around $262 million will be 7 mills. (70 cents per $100 of valuation).

The board approved the following donations:

$800 from Bryan Athletic Boosters for Swim Team warm-ups

$100 from Newlyn Quest Club to National Honor Society

$200 from Williams County Dairy Association to FCCLA

$1,200 from Randy and Diane Peters

Construction Update: Superintendent Savage said renovations at the Middle School are on schedule and budget. The estimated completion date for this project remains at Aug. 11.

The board set 2017 High School Summer School rates at $100 per course: Courses to be offered include HS Physical Education and HS Oral

The board approved Memorandum of Understanding with the Bryan Education Association: The MOU concerns the desire of the both the school board and the teachers’ union to avoid possible mid-year disruptions caused by filling vacancies immediately.

The two sides agree to the following procedure for filling vacancies due to current mid-year resignations as follows:

Postings for these vacancies shall be posted and filled in the regular contractual manner. On a one-time basis only, the actual physical transfer will not be effective until the 2017-18 school year.

The Board shall be permitted to staff these vacancies with long-term substitute teachers for the remainder of the 2016-17 school year. Any vacancies not filled pursuant to Paragraph 1 immediately above shall be re-posted on or before April 15.

The parties agree to discuss this issue during negotiations for a successor agreement to the 2014-17 contract.

Student Commendations:

High School:

Students of Action: Jessica Robb, Payton Cromwell, Quincy Benedict, Laney Zuver

BHS Marching Band and Director for successful performance and trip to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, Florida

BHS Choir and Orchestra programs on a successful holiday concert

Middle School: Students of Action (Gratitude): Carter Brown, Callie Azzarello, Kierstyn Bherns, Willy Maddox, Xavier Jones, Haylee Wheeler, Katie Davis, Brent McDougle, Jack Juarez, Raymond Briggs, Alyssa Wilson, Makenna Lane, Eli Breckler

Bryan Elementary: 2-5 Campus: Character Trait Student Commendations (Gratitude): Grace Miller, Easton Parker, Mason Goebel, camryn Nichols, Kyrsten Adkins, Harley Gentner, Ellee Ehman, Jaydan Deel, Piper Hanna, Andrew Slagle, Heidi Figgins, Ariaha Christian, Blake Dauwalter, Zachary Stall, Kami Brannon, Elliot Rosendaul, Dunham Padisak, Zaleski Hulet, Teighlor Zwick, Makenzy Echler, Addison Byers, Tayler Fulk, Owen Davis, Mia Herman, Kane Nagel, Macy Burton, Disney Avell, Kathryn Walkup, Michael McStoots, Dominique Bherns, Sam Herold, Rickey Offenburg, Rachel Fireovid, Kros Matthews, Alyssa Varner, Tori Smith

Physical Education Gold Slip Winner – Mya Parker

Washington Campus: Character Trait Student Commendations (Gratitude): Ruby Wright, Marlee Cohn, Max Rios, Cooper Clarke, Gretchen Kennedy, Vanessa Marino, Rilyn Horne, Trinity Cook, Aliya Neace, Grace Rachel, Rylynn Well, Sophia Raymon, Carson Holman, Mikayla Asbury, Taeya Moyer, Addison Grant, Lillian Shininger, Lucy Grime, Alanna Mosier, Rhett McGill, Lydia Meeks, Cole Carlin, Devon Kaiser, Carmen Brodock, Evan Spradlin, Sawyer Kennedy, Easton Kerr, Veya Plummer, Lily Pittman, Wyatt Williams, Emma Slagle, Emyrson Culver, Emma Lautermilch, Payton Bockelman, Shawn Lafferty

Physical Education Gold Slip Winners – Brooklynn Lanius, Noah Geren.

The board approved the hiring of Neil Haughn, bus driver, PM Route, 0 years experience, 1.5 hrs per day.

Transfered Jackie Wilson to 6-12 Bldg third shift custodian, 8.0 hours per day/260 days per year.
Substitutes: Teacher – Kim Massie, Laura Springer Classified – Ricki Wildman

In the organizational meeting held before the regular meeting.

Emily Ebaugh is president for 2017. Cindra Keeler is vice president.

The Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. the third Monday of each month in the Mose A. Isaac Field House Conference Room as the meeting schedule. The next regular board meeting will be Feb. 27.

2017 BOARD COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: Four County JVS – Cindra Keeler (1st year of a three-year assignment) Facilities/OFCC – Tom Lingvai and Glen Newcomer Legislative Liaison – Ryan Miller Delegate to OSBA Conference – Cindra Keeler Wellness – Emily Ebaugh Business Advisory – Glen Newcomer and Tom Lingvai Negotiations Committees – Emily Ebaugh and Ryan Miller Audit Committee – Ryan Miller and Emily Ebaugh

The board purchased a $20,000 position bond for each of the following: Board president and superintendent

The board established a service fund of $10,000 for 2017 to cover school board expenses.

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