Burger King Closes Store North Of Edon

A mainstay along the Ohio Turnpike and SR 49 is no more as the Burger King abruptly closed. The building stands bereft of any BK accessory, nameplate or sign. The store’s phone does not answer and the corporate owner, Carrols, did not issue a statement. The store has been open for two decades.

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3 Comments on "Burger King Closes Store North Of Edon"

  1. Billy Pinette | January 9, 2017 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    It was the best Burger King in Williams county too… the food at the one in Bryan sucks!

  2. Does anyone know when it closed. ? We are from Michigan.We live not too far from that
    former Burger King. We use to eat there quite a bit. Good chocolate shakes. Here it is
    June 12th, Me & my wife went for an evening drive to get shakes & boom, it was closed.
    We opted for Sub-Way.

  3. I miss that place. It was neat seeing the big truck drivers parked behind it. They would come in to eat or take their meal back to their truck. The service was good.

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