Caught My Eye, Crossed My Mind

WHY? I’m not sure why folks enjoyed reading my past ramblings that ran in the pages of “The Village Reporter” a few years back. When we surveyed our readers at that time, my occasional column ranked as one of the most liked features. While I use the word “column”, the feature rarely developed into a column unless my scheduled allowed enough time to actually sit down and think for more than a minute without a phone call or half a dozen email interruptions ending any possibility of being able to complete a thought and putting it on paper. On occasion in the past a topic stirred me up enough that the words flowed fast and furious, but thankfully that did not happen often.

There is plenty in life the I do not get and is surprising to me. I have no idea why my ramblings in the past were of interest to our readers, I suppose they either were giving my comment an “amen” while others wrote my name down on their top ten list of whom they want to see a meteorite zone in on.

Our former column that ran in “The Village Reporter”, written by my former English teacher Paulette Potts was also heavily enjoyed. Paulette joined our team after entering semi retirement and she rambled and battled topics that had many in tears (from laughter). Unfortunately we lost Paulette to cancer last year and “The Village Reporter” lost its only reoccurring rambling column. I could never come close to replacing her efforts, I do not wish to try, I’m sure she is looking down on us with her big editing red pen in the sky, ready to catch my numerous typos but saying “go for it”.

With all this stated, I thought I would attempt to fire the ramblings back up, they never stopped, I just failed to write them down. No promises on whether my schedule will allow me to complete a column each week, this could be a one time attempt, we shall see. If you like the ramblings, keep on reading. If you dislike them, write a hateful letter and I can add it to the collection.

CAUGHT MY EYE … So the White House cancels tours to save money on security? Seriously? I couldn’t believe this report that came out in the last 24 hours. Dems and Republicans have already been very vocal on what a bone headed move this is. This is a great way to build pride in our country among Americans and visitors from around the world? Cutting White House tours while our leaders fly all over the world (could do video like all other business owners), eat lobster, play golf and throw money towards extremist countries that still stone women?!? Our leadership in this country from all sides of the aisle have lost their minds. Your thoughts?

CAUGHT MY EYE … (Edon’s Cinderella Project): It is time once again time for the Edon High School Cinderella Project. Local School Districts are collecting dresses, shoes, handbags, and other accessories to be worn to prom. The dresses will be resold for $10 each and other items will be sold for under $10. The money raised will be donated to the Williams County Cancer Association. The day to shop will be on Saturday, March 16th in the Edon High School band room from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. This is a great effort made by Edon students several years back after one of their beloved teachers passed from cancer. The cause also allows young ladies to obtain prom fashion at a reasonable price, no reason to go into debt on a dress that you may only wear once or twice. I am not exactly sure how many schools in our area have partnered to help this cause, feel free to contact the Edon Northwest School District with questions.

CAUGHT MY EYE … Attention bass fishermen and women. The State has implemented a new statewide regulation in which bass must be 12 inches (minimum) to keep. Probably a game changer for those who enjoy the sport, a boring post for those who do not fish.

CROSSED MY MIND … We would like to apologize to the Wauseon Swim Team for lighter than desired coverage during your tournament efforts this year. Last year I personally traveled around the state to provide photos. This year one of our photographers fell seriously ill and all available hands were tied down here in the two county area or covering other local sports when the swim team was competing a long distance away from home. One parent had contacted us, thanking us for our strong efforts during the regular season but questioning why things thinned out a bit during tournaments? Unfortunately the “we are still a small Hometown Newspaper with a handful of staff” bug bit us.

CAUGHT MY EYE …USA Today is reporting: An 86-year-old woman with dementia will be charged for voter fraud, after she voted twice in an election. I think a column could develop concerning this, but I won’t even open that bucket of worms.

CROSSED MY MIND … Congratulations to all our student / athletes from the nine schools we cover between “The Village & Wauseon Reporters” for a very successful Winter Sports Season. As always, it is our pleasure to cover your hard efforts within the pages of our print product and online. The end of the Winter Sports season is bitter/sweet as we become exhausted covering everything but equally miss the action when it is over.

CROSSED MY MIND … Thank you goes out to my wife for saving her family’s life Friday night. I give her a hard time about being a woman driver, but last night she was on top of her game. We were in Defiance near the US 24 overpass where there is a cement divider between four lanes. Sitting in the passenger seat and working on my tablet to schedule our news coverage for the following week, I look up to see headlights coming straight at us. It is not surprising that someone cut their turn at the intersection too hard and ended up going head on at traffic. The surprising part was they did not stop or back up; they came straight at us and other traffic at around 40 mph while we were also at about the same speed. That made for an adrenaline boost. Fortunately Casey and cars behind us were able to swerve to miss them and they were able to get into the correct lane at the next intersection.

CROSSED MY MIND … As always, if you have a local news suggestion, please drop an email my way, we want to hear from you! I may be reached at either or[/emember_protected]

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