CCNO Announces Employee’s Of The Year

CCNO ... Pictured, left to right, is Contract Employee of the Year Mike Chadwick; CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis; and CCNO Employee of the Year Joel Stephens.

CCNO … Pictured, left to right, is Contract Employee of the Year Mike Chadwick; CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis; and CCNO Employee of the Year Joel Stephens.

STRYKER – Two employees received special recognition during the Feb. 27 meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.

Joel Stevens of Bryan was named the CCNO Employee of the Year for 2012 as was announced during the meeting. Joel has been employed as a maintenance worker at CCNO since June 1, 1999. He and his wife, Melissa who is also employed at CCNO, have three grown children.

Joel was nominated for the honor for his hard work in helping make the facility a safe and more secure environment for staff. It was noted that Joel took on the task of formulating a cost-effective plan for installing cameras within the facility. Despite budget cuts, Joel continued to research new technology and helped implement the installation of cameras throughout the facility.

CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said, “Joel has been a leader on the camera project for nearly 10 years. He has educated himself on the evolving and every improving camera technology each year. We have added cameras each year along with improving the camera network to support it. We can improve our camera system ourselves verses having to bring in expensive vendors because Joel has a passion for this and he understands that this system makes everyone safe.”

Mr. Dennis advised board members that the camera project began in 2004 and has been enhanced over the years from analog to the new digital equipment, providing more clarity. At the same time, costs have been kept at the minimum with roughly $154,000 spent for the installation of 66 cameras. It was noted by a Lucas County employee that the Lucas County jail spent $1.1 million to install cameras in its facility. In addition to cameras helping observe offenders and maintain security, Mr. Dennis said staff capture incidents that have helped with staff training and enhanced staff safety.

Michael Chadwick was named the Top Contract Employee for 2012. Mike has been a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) at CCNO since 2006. He is a contract employee with Correctional Healthcare Companies that provides medical services to CCNO. Mike and his wife, Marsha, make their home in Liberty Center.

Mike was recognized not only for his services at CCNO but also for using his personal time to serve on the ADAMS board. He was recently appointed to serve as a public health officer four the four-county area of Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams counties. This position allows him to assess offenders at CCNO for emergency admission to the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital which is beneficial to the facility, saving time and money as well as addressing the needs of mentally ill offenders.
Mr. Dennis said, “Mike is a skilled clinician who staff respects. He comes out of his office daily and actually visits offenders in their cells. He talks to security officers to get their observations and gives them advice on how to communicate or manage offenders who may be having a difficult time. Mike understands that he is part of the CCNO team and he contributes to a safer environment.”

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