Central Mennonite Top 25 Bible Quizzers Announced

The 2017 Bible Quiz season will soon be over, but the quizzers will have a lifetime to apply what they have learned. After two months of intensive Bible Study of Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Old Testament stories of Daniel, Ruth, Gideon and Samson, these diligent Bible Scholars were recognized at the end of NWO Bible Quiz’s final season meet on Sunday, February 26 at Central Mennonite. Front row from left: Six-year quizzer Jacob Myers and third-year quizzer William Nofziger both finished with 840 points; eight-year quizzer Hope Nofziger and second year quizzer Ian Armstrong, 825; seven-year quizzer Cara Foor and second-year quizzer Joselyn Estrada, 795; second row: Grace Sheldon and Kate Nofziger, 790; Isaac Norr, Justice Beck and Karlee Reed, 775; Ava Hoylman, 770. Third row: Hyatt Stamm, 765; Tessa Waidelich, 745; Lydia Sheldon, 740; Chelsea McCreery, 725; Natalie Roth, 720; Rebekah Thomas, 680; Lucia Rodriguez, 620. Back row: Anna Thomas and Sierra Rupp, 615; Chris Foor, 610; Trinity Snider, 595; and Belle Clark, 565. not pictured Conner Johnson, 575.

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