CHP-Hospice Of Archbold Brings In Cash & Laughter At Fundraiser

A night of auctions, fun, food and fellowship marked the Hospice-Beacon of Hope fundraiser in Archbold, March 31.

The event was a fundraiser for CHP Home Care and Hospice’s Archbold faculty. The event drew around 2-210 people to help keep the organization moving forward.

The event featured a Chinese auction, a live auction, a dinner and music.

CHP honored longtime chaplain, Mona Sauder, who is moving with her husband in May to Lancaster, Pa. She has been a part of CHP Hospice since 2011.

Medical Director Dr. Kimberly Hagerman was introduced and a said a few words of encouragement.

The main focus was on Grace Eicher, a patient of Hospice who died Jan. 24. Staff and family praised her spirit and positivity while in the process of dying. Through the efforts of Hospice and relatives, she was able to die at home.

The audience was treated to appetizers and a dinner of roast beef, baked chicken, cheese potatoes, green beans, corn and a tossed salad. There were cakes and pies for dessert.

The Chinese auction offered 32 items donated by local companies. Patrons would buy 10 tickets for $10 and place their tickets in a box. One winning ticket was selected for each prize.

The live auction featured 17 large items (size and/or value) ranging from an autographed photo of Al Kaline to a smoker/cooker. The largest bids went for two Ground Cherry pies baked according to Grace Eicher’s recipe. Two pies went for a total of $825.

Organizers were pleased with the turnout, which was higher than last year. Finally tallies of the money raised won’t be in until Monday. The live auction brought in more than $4,000.

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