Christmas Lights, Dollar General Store Topics At Stryker Village Council

The Stryker Village Council met in regular session on Monday, December 12, 2016. The finance report was provided by Beth Rediger, Village Fiscal Officer. She noted that income so far for the month of December was $76,000, and bills totaled roughly $72,000. Overall the village is down $40,000 for the year. However, Rediger pointed out that December water, sewer, and taxes have not been taken in yet. She anticipates the village to be about $20,000 in the black at the end of the month. Rediger also shared her belief the village will begin to see this amount increase even more next year as a loan will be paid off in July. Mayor Joe Beck commended the Council for getting the village’s finances in order over the past year.

In Old Business the topic of Christmas Decorations was addressed. Mrs. Rediger thanked everyone from the community who came out to help to put up the decorations. She greatly appreciated the support from the citizens. She is also waiting on a quote from a company from Indiana that would take the decorations down, store them, and possibly put them up as well as adding more decoration for next year. This company is already serving Holiday City. They will be coming to Stryker before the end of December to provide a quote for the services. The company provides a price per pole quote. They also offer to use the Village’s current decorations and store them, or provide new decorations each year. The company is full service meaning they take on all liability and repair or replace the decorations if problems arise.

Mrs. Rediger plans to see if community donors would be willing to help out in sponsoring this program.

Mayor Joe Beck added he has received feedback on how nice the decorations look this year. The village has disposed of some decorations that had deteriorated, but intends to keep all those that are still in decent shape. The cost of replacing the old decorations can be quite “salty” according to Beck. Although the company they are receiving quotes from requires a 3 year contract, Beck believes they will probably be more cost effective than purchasing the new decorations all at one time. He believed this company would keep the hometown looking nice, but would also provide the village with the opportunity to purchase decorations over a period of time instead of all at once. The long term goal is to take the decorating back over without the large up-front cost. Additionally the mayor has been contacted by people who are willing and wanting to donate money for the Christmas decorations. Particularly there is one unnamed individual who desires to donate a “decent” amount of funds in honor of his parents. There is also a group on Facebook who got the light project started according to Beck, He appreciated how the community came together to get the ball rolling. He went on to acknowledge the following for their efforts in the decorating project: Brian and Casey Glock, Jason Leupp, Dave Ruffer, Lana Tompkins, Al Riegsecker, Gary Stuckey, Zac Bowers, Olivia Jaggers, Ava and Lilly Bowers, Josh and Emily Clemens, as well as their daughters. He apologized if he had missed anyone involved, but was thankful that their intention was strictly to make the town look nice. Beck also shared that someone not from Stryker who was driving through town complimented the village for being the best decorated town in the area. The help provided by Stryker students in decorating the pine trees was also acknowledged to by the mayor and council. Jagger Cones were also thanked for allowing the village to store the boxes for decorations in their facility, as well as Jason from SW Hardware. According to the mayor, and some council members, storage of the decorations has been an issue.

There are 6 properties in the village that council feels need addressed. The village is working with the Williams County Land Bank on two properties in Stryker to work on foreclosure of these. Rediger shared the one home will probably be demolished and one may be remodeled and flipped if that would be financially feasible. The village will continue to monitor the homes and look for additional resources to address them.

Update was provided on property for the new Dollar General Store. The paperwork has been filed with the county to finalize the purchase, and the remainder of the land to be parceled and leased for farming. The address for Dollar General is believed to be 911 South Defiance Street. Construction is anticipated to be completed and the store open for business in May. Bids for the additional land will be accepted until December 29, 2016 at 12 pm. Council is expected to award bid at the January meeting for the remaining parcel which will be leased for farming for a contract length of 3 years.

In Communications Mayor Beck shared:
1. Ohio Gas is doing Merry Christmas 2016, a reminder to be cautious when digging.

2. Williams County Relay for Life will be held June 16th and 17th.

Council also approved the following legislation items:
1. Second reading of Resolution 01-2017-01. State Cooperative Purchasing Program.

2. Suspended rules and passed Ordinance 2016-08. This ordinance addresses setting the salaries and fringe benefits, and defining certain duties of elected, appointed and hourly employees.

3. Second reading of Ordinance 2016-10 Keeping of chickens. This added a section 505.17 which set the guidelines for keeping chickens in the village.

4. Suspended rules and passed Ordinance 2016-11. This is the 2017 Permanent Annual Appropriation Ordinance.

Al Riegsecker, Village Administrator, updated the Council on the following:
1. Leaf pick up has been completed.

2. Snow plows are ready. The village employees did a great job putting them to use removing snow this past weekend.

3. Storm line issue on East Curtis Street is root related and being addressed.

4. Christmas light out on the south side of the tracks is being repaired by Woolace Electric.

Police Chief, Steven Schlosser communicated:
1. He has received a Thank You letter from Baden Jones. Jones is a student at Hilltop High School who job shadowed with Chief Schlosser in November and that the experience is leading Jones towards a career in Law Enforcement.

2. Jordan Williams will be beginning his duties as Full-time Police Officer on December 25. This will make three full-time officers in the village.

3. Had 42 reports, 20 traffic warnings, and issued one citation since the last council meeting.

Stryker Village Council’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, January 9, 2016, at 6 pm.

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