Christmas (vs) Poverty

Christmas time is an exciting time for children and for those of us who have grandchildren. But it is also a time teacher’s worry about those children they have in class that will not experience normal Christmas.

The poverty rate among children is staggering. For many of us: out of sight, out of mind. But for teachers, it’s not out of sight; therefore, very much on their minds.

There is no magic wand to wave that will help these children – poverty is an ugly form of social cancer that eats away the joys of childhood.

In Williams County alone the poverty rate among children is between 15 and 20%. In my home county of Ross the poverty rate runs as high as 30%.

As individuals we may not be able to wave a magic wand that makes poverty go way but we can certainly brighten up a Christmas for one child and that child’s family by, contacting my office @ 419- 924-2366 option 4 and volunteering to sponsor a family in need. We will see the donation is applied to the needs of that family and Christmas for their child or children…..go ahead and wave that magic wand.


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