Community Of Faith & Ministerial Association Work To Bring Shelter House To Montpelier’s Storrer Park

SitePlanWith over 230 students using the Storrer Park bus stop, the bus stop is far and away the largest in Montpelier. It was this reason that Montpelier’s Community of Faith, including many members of the clergy, began donating their time to serve as monitors at the busy bus stop. It was while they were providing this service that the members involved noted that the park and bus stop needed something beyond adults to add protection and peace of mind to the parents whose children used the bus stop; the park also lacked any refuse from the rain, cold, snow, and other inclement weather that more than made its presence known last winter. In question of what could be done, the Ministerial Association has proposed the building of a shelter house at Storrer Park to both the Parks Department as well as the Montpelier Village Council, both of which have given their blessing for the project. Working with the Ministerial Association to bring the project together is Chris Kannel, who offers experience and knowledge with building codes and regulations and who was also involved with the building of the shelter at Main Street Park. The shelter, which will have the same footprint as the Main Street Park shelter, will have a maximum occupancy of 500 people and will be built on a shoestring budget of what Kannel estimates to be $20,000. Volunteers from churches will do the labor for the project, representing the teamwork and sense of community that the Community of Faith is committed to. Kannel explains that “Volunteers from sometimes very different denominations will be coming together and swinging hammers side by side to make this project possible for all of Montpelier. It’s the way it should be.” The shelter will be placed at the east side of the park on South Pleasant Street. This will allow the green space on the west side to be kept open for continuation of softball and baseball practices as well as allow for a full view of the park from the shelter. The shelter will also provide a venue for gatherings in Montpelier. Later considerations for the park include the possibility of a basketball court. The Community of Faith and Ministerial Association are both excited about the project and providing an asset for the youth of Montpelier as well as a long term community improvement. Anyone wishing to assist with the project can contact Chris Kannel at Kannel Insurance or Richard Blank, the Interim President of the Ministerial Association, at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

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