CPC Women’s Health Resource Holds 29th Anniversary Spring Benefit


IMG_3741 WEBBy: Shar Dimick

Pat Layton, keynote speaker at the CPC Women’s Health Resource held their 29th Anniversary Spring Benefit shared her story with an auditorium full of CPC partners and supporters April 9 at Archbold High School.

Layton is the founder of one of the nation’s largest pregnancy resource centers based in Tampa, FL. She is a prolific speaker, author and life coach. She said that she began her ministry 25 years ago with a $100 donation and today her ministry has a $2 million dollar budget. She compared ministry to the biblical parable of the “Good Samaritan.”

She said, “Close to 4,000 lives are snuffed out in the United States every day. How many do we walk by? How many do we pass by? God’s idea for PRC is to be there for women, people, who feel half –dead. People who feel like their life in places that most of us would rather not hear about, rather not talk about or think about.”

Layton told supporters, “We have an agenda and we’re not ashamed of it. Our agenda is to earn a deeper level of your partnership and our prayer is that after what you’ve seen and heard tonight and what you know of this ministry that you’ll be ready to go deeper in your commitment to save unborn babies like this, and to save their mommies and daddies and families.”

She said that the CPC Women’s Health Resource Center program states that their average cost to save a baby is $265, while nationally the average cost is $1200.

Executive Director Tim Pitman shared that in 2014 the center had 6,400 office visits, 148 births and provided 79,000 units of service. In addition, 90% of women who had an ultra-sound chose to carry their child to term.

“We’re not done. We ain’t finished yet. There’s a whole lot of work yet to be done, because the reality is as long as abortion exists in this country there is more work to be done,” said Pitman.

He went on to say that in 2015 they hope to increase their presence on the Internet and social media to reach more people, partnering with “Beautiful Feet International” to help make pregnancy resource centers available in third-world companies, help more women recover from abortion through their HEART support group and deliver their “sexual risk avoidance” educational program to more schools.

The CPC Women’s Health Resource is committed to rescuing children and families from abortion. They work to ensure that women and men considering abortion are equipped to make a fully informed decision regarding their baby, in the hope that every child has the chance to imagine life. For more information about the free and confidential services offered, to make a donation or volunteer your time, visit www.cpcnwo.org or call 1-800-633-3339.

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