Daddies & Daughters Dance The Afternoon Away At Hilltop

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The Hilltop Commons was abuzz with laughter as several West Unity young ladies ran about, bouncing balloons and swinging each other around to the beat of pop and country music.

Oh, and their fathers danced a little as well.

With the school playing host to a Daddy-Daughter Dance, the Hilltop cafeteria served as the center of much fun and excitement, particularly amongst the younger girls present. During the faster paced songs, these girls would own the dance floor, while the dads present opted to have a seat and watch as their little bundles of joy worked themselves into what surely amounted to an early bedtime.

But, as the music slowed and the lights dimmed, many a father reported to the dance floor. Twisting and twirling their princesses to “Let It Go” and the like, the daddies treated them as though they floated on air, graceful and majestic. For their part, most of the fathers themselves displayed little movement, content to just shuffle their feet from side to side as their little girls enjoyed themselves.

Which is what a Daddy-Daughter Dance is really all about.

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