Dan McGee Named New Montpelier Police Chief

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By: Chelsie Firestone

After an hour long executive session during Montpelier Village Council’s regular meeting on Monday, February 25, Lieutenant Dan McGee was named the new Police Chief. McGee, who has been serving the Montpelier Police Department for the last 14 years, will begin his term effective immediately.

While McGee was not present at the meeting, council met with several officers from the Montpelier Police Department during the executive session held just prior to McGee’s appointment to the position. Mayor Steve Yagelski thanked the officers for their attendance, their showing of support for McGee, and for their dedication to the Village of Montpelier, commenting that “there are 4,072 people who are very lucky to have such dedicated people working for them.”

Council member Jason Rockey also noted that the reason for the somewhat lengthy executive decision was not a reflection on Council’s belief in McGee’s abilities to perform the duties of Chief and that there were some technical matters that council had to get through prior to the appointment.

Rick Warner was also in attendance at Monday’s meeting to seek approval of this summer’s cruise-in dates. The dates for the cruise-ins will be June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23, August 13, and August 27. The super cruise-in will be held on the August 13 date. Warner noted during his request that this is the sixth year for the cruise-ins and that both the number of cars and overall attendance has been steadily rising. He also noted that “the area businesses have been very generous” and that the overall amount of sponsors has remained about the same.

Other dates that Montpelier residents will want to be aware of are the dates of the large trash pick-up for the spring. Large trash pick up will take place the week of April 22 through May 3. Those residents whose regular trash pick- up day is on Mondays may place out their large trash items on April 22 and 23; on Tuesdays – April 24 and 25, on Wednesdays – April 29 and 30, and on Thursdays – May 1 and 2. More information regarding large trash pick-up can be obtained by calling 419-485-5543.
The rest of the meeting was business as usual and included the approval of:

  • The appointment of Kurt Roan as an alternate to the Tax Incentive Review Board
  • The 2013 Fire contracts for Jefferson, Superior, and Bridgewater Townships
  • Restricted parking on Carnation Lane and Snapdragon drive due to the difficulty of emergency vehicles trying to pass through. Parking will now be restricted to the south side of Carnation Lane and the north side of Snapdragon Drive. “Dead End” signs will also be placed at the ends of each road.
  • A change order for Lingvai Excavating related to the Phase III sewer separation project. An increase of $39,320 will be added due to repairs to the original sewers.
  • A contracting cost of $3,500 for Duncan and Allen Associates related to work on the Solar Panel project which has not yet been approved due to acquisition details.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding with the Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (Montpelier) outlining the Village’s responsibilities and courses of actions related to any chemical or hazardous materials incidents
  • A Master Utility Reimbursement Agreement regarding Safe Routes to School. The agreement will reimburse the village for the costs of removing some utilities along Brown Road and Maplehurst Avenue. The removal of the utilities will be necessary to comply with Safe Routes to School.
  • The quarterly approval of funds to the police pension fund

The second readings of two ordinances related to the downtown business section were also held. One would forbid residences on the first floor of buildings; the other would mandate doors with locks and windows on the stairs of leading to the second floor. Mayor Yagelski noted that very little feedback from business owners or the public has been received regarding either ordinance.
It was also reported that the amount of income tax the Village has received has increased from $237,029 in January 2012 to $271,168 in January 2013.

The meeting closed with members going into executive session for the purpose of discussing employment, compensation, or discipline of personnel and no further actions were taken upon return to open session.

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