Delta Council Likes Fire Service Agreement Format; Wilson Street Project Meeting March 29

A Fire Services Agreement for 2018 with York Township is pretty much ready to go.
The agreement was reviewed by the Delta Village Council at the March 20 meeting. The council approved the format, with the understanding that the final numbers will be added in September.
Administrator Brad Peebles reviewed the document with the council. Among the key points:
– The agreement is for one year only.
– The only item unfinished is the dollar amount.
– The agreement will have no impact on any past agreements.
– The village will continue to look for opportunities for a fire district, “which may replace all of this.”
– The village will save $20,000 over the previous year.
Work is continuing to try and allow the Fire Department to hold title to the 1957 rescue vehicle. The roadblocks are that there was no Fire Department in 1957 and the Fire Company cannot trace its existence back to 1957.
Another problem there is no fire association with 501(3) c status anywhere.
The likely solution will be to give responsibility of care, custody and maintenance to the fire department, but the village would continue to own it.
“If (the DCFD) ever wants to get rid of it, it will come back to the village for disposal,” Administrator Brad Peebles said.
The village will host a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. March 29 at Memorial Hall for residents on Wilson Street about the coming project to install a sanitary sewer for the six properties on the street on the south side of a one-lane bridge.
The meeting will have the residents meet with representatives of Stantec, ODOT, village staff, to discuss extending a sanitary sewer. The project will be powered by a gravity system as the line heads north to the bridge.
At the bridge, a pump station will be installed. The current estimate is around $175,000.
Peebles said the property owners will be assessed equal share of the cost to be repaid over 20 years. If some of the lots are divided, the assessments will be reevaluated.
Delta residents who want to switch utility providers will have an opportunity to do so.
The village has decided to become part of an Electrical Governmental Aggregation Program. The program has local officials bringing residents together to gain group buying power for competitively priced electricity from a certified provider.
Amy Hoffman of Palmer Energy spoke briefly to the village council March 20 about the program and how residents can make it know if they will join or opt-out.
The opt-out letters were mailed to residents and businesses who are not shopping for different rates March 28. Residents will be able to leave the contract without penalty if the price for electricity is lower with the utility, Hoffman said.
If recipients of the letter want to join the new deal, they don’t have to do anything, Hoffman said. They will automatically be registered, she said.
If they do not want to switch, they need to fill out the card, Hoffman said. They have 21 days to return the notice. Those who don’t fill out the response will get seven more days to decide, she said.
Price savings can be known by comparing the bill from First Energy Savings to the Price to Compare.
The electric utility will continue to deliver power to the homes and businesses and will read meters. The utility will restore power after outages.
The price will be fixed.
Customers have an opportunity to opt-out every three years.
For more information, call 1-866-636-3749.
The Village of Delta will use one of its regular vendors to replace three valves in the water lines to determine how quickly it will take to determine the cost of a system-wide project.
Tom Taylor Excavating will be called on to do the work. The village knows many of if its valves and pipes are not working, but it does not know how long the process will take.
If the work can be accomplished in six to eight hours then that will be within estimates. The village could seek CDBG funding for the project in the current cycle.
The work will be done in areas where a road doesn’t have to be tore up.
The village council awarded required maintenance, safety updates, and inspection services for the Helvetia Street water tower to Central Painting and Sandblasting of Navarre for $102,318.
The council approved an agreement with Steve Raker to purchase, plant, and maintain flowers for the various flower beds on village grounds and the flower pits and baskets throughout the Downtown Business District.
The council approved a request by a local woman to have exercise classes for residents beginning in April at Memorial Hall. The free classes would be 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays for April, May, August, September, October, November and December.
The instructor is Meagan Yeutich.

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