Delta Hard Pressed To Find Money For Its Share Of New Bridge

Delta is still looking for a way to fund a new bridge linking six residences to the village.

The council discussed the issue at its Feb. 6 meeting.

ODOT inspected the Wilson Street bridge Jan. 19 and due to concerns they had about its condition, proposed it be closed, Administrator Brad Peebles said. Following a call with ODOT and the design firm Stantec, the weight limit will be reduced from 5 tons to 3 tons and the village will inspect the bridge every three months and could do it as often as every 30 days.

Replacing the bridge and installing a new sewer will cost an estimated $900,000 and ODOT has approved only $482,000 for the bridge. The state requires the new bridge be 24 feet wide, compared to 18 feet for the existing bridge.

“We got to figure out how we are going to finance it,” Mayor Dan Miller said.

The village will remain diligent in replacement of the bridge as soon as practically possible, Peebles stated in his report.

The village will have pay between $75,000 and $80,000 to relocate the existing water line through directional drilling. The move is required because of where the new bridge will need to go, the type of ground the properties sit on and their lot sizes.

A new sanitary sewer may be required to meet environmental standards for the six properties. Costs are being determined and once reached the residents will be asked to attend a meeting to learn about the project and issues, the report stated.

The current septic system has failed and is now allowing a discharge into Bad Creek. Cost estimates for a gravity feed to a pump is about $175,000, while a grinder pump is only $135,000. While the latter option is cheaper up front, the maintenance of the system could prove costly, Peebles said.

The village will open bids for the raw water line project at Nature Fresh Farms following completion of the design. Attractive bids are anticipated since the project can be completed in cold weather, Peebles said.

The design of the required pump station should completed soon so the village can bid that portion of the project in late March or early April.

The swings in weather conditions of thawing and freezing have village officials expecting some pavement failures in the spring. The mild weather has allowed the village to remove several trees from the community.

Peebles told council he is working on advertisement for sealed bids for two parcels owned by the village.

The village is continuing with merit bonuses for staff. One percent of the budget has been allocated for the bonuses.

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