Delta Students Learn About To Thwart Bullies By Being ‘Cool’


Noted child and adolescent therapist Jim Bisenius came to Delta Middle School recently to teach students the tools they need to fend off bullies.

Bisenius brought his Bully-Proofing Youth to the school. The program focuses on teaching adolescents the appropriate reactions when interacting with intimidating or aggressive people.

The bully-proof response eliminates the negative behavior of the bully, because the bully does not get the fearful response they seek from their target, guidance counselor Sarah Fuerstenau said.

“Bisenius taught the students how to respond in various bullying situations, including physical bullying and social exclusion,” Fuerstenau said. “Students left the assembly with the tools to take the power back from the bullies.

“DMS would like to thank North Star BlueScope Steel, Worthington Industries, and Fulton County Processing for sponsoring the assembly,” Fuerstenau said.

The key in Bisenius’s program is teaching young people how to alter their body language from “fear” to “cool” and remove reactions bullies are looking for.

Removing fearful reactions shuts down the dance and permanently stops continued bullying in the future.

The techniques become tools youth can use for the rest of their lives to deal with intimidating or aggressive people.

The process also teaches the bully what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Bisenius has 20 years of experience as a child and adolescent therapist specializing in teaching extremely targeted students how to handle bullying situations. He has developed response techniques that have been nationally recognized as highly effective at stopping the dance between kids who bully and the ones they target.

Bisenius has taught his methods in more than 950 schools nationally. All of the trainings were promoted school to school strictly through word of mouth.

Bisenius has a Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University, and a Master’s Degree from Ohio State University. He has received a “Child Advocate of the Year” award, as well as a “Violence Prevention Award.”

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