Edgerton Board Of Education Announces Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the June 13 Edgerton Board of Education meeting are as follows:

Elementary School report:
-All third-grade student passed either the fall or spring English Language Arts state test.

-The district will offer to re-test in July for those students who needed an alternate assessment to pass, thus preventing a negative outcome on the District Report Card.

-Summer Reading Program – Partnering with the Edgerton Village Free Lunch Program for all kids needing extra help in preparing for the third-grade reading guarantee. There are 32 students committed to taking part in the program. This program is for grades K-6. The school is employing three full-time and two part-time staff, funded by Title I. Part-time staff will only be used on an “as needed” basis to cover vacations and conflicts, or if student numbers increase.

-The elementary school Field Day was a success because of the hard work of John Minor (Events/Programming committee chair) and the PTO Organization did a remarkable job of planning the day’s events, which included Inflatable Bounce Houses, Archery Tag, and transforming Mr. Riehle into a human ice cream sundae.

-The third grade Wax Museum was a success and well attended by families and community members.

-Tin Caps AR Reward trip – 175 students met their AR goal and participated in the YMCA Get-A-Way day .

High school report:
-The high school sent congratulations to Colin Etchen for being the Division III Pole Vault champion.

-Summer School has 11 participants.

-Forty-one 2nd semester Independent Study Ceramic students and Mrs. Bostater were busy making ceramic goblets to be donated to the United Way of Williams County. The goblets will be used for a “Royal Feast” to be held this November in order to raise money for the United Way. Bryan and Montpelier art departments will also be contributing goblets for the event.

Technology report:
-Four County Tech Day- Napoleon Elementary School Hosted by GEG of Northwest Ohio. Attending were Jodi Beals. Angie Burklo, Sara Huard, Chris Bostater and Melina Cooley

-Google Migration: Prep Staff and Email Exchange migration of Admin Staff, teachers and staff

-Prepping Elementary Classes- Chromebox installation of 80 Chromeboxes; creation of Elementary K-2 Google apps accounts

-Elementary Classrooms – Prepped for Chromeboxes

-Installation of two interactive TVs – in process

There will be no board meeting in July.


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