Edgerton Chamber Welcomes Never Let Go Ministries To Town

Photo by James Pruitt, STAFF
RIBBON CUTTING … The Edgerton Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed Never Let Go Ministries to town with a special ribbon cutting ceremony. The group has been at 124 S. Michigan Ave. for two years, but founder Mary Juarez wanted to have it on the seventh anniversary of her son Marjoe’s death from an unintentional prescription drug overdose in 2010. The ministry offices offer a library, T-shirts for sale and a conference area. Several friends, chamber members and ministry board members attended the event April 18. The Edgerton Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Never Let Go Ministries April 18. On hand for the event were: Chamber President Christian Elden, Vice President Susan Herman, Victor Juarez (NLG), ministry Founder Mary Juarez, holding a memorial to Marjoe, Ian Gineman, Dawn Gineman, Melody, Ana and Ava Gineman and Edgerton Mayor Jason Bowsher.

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