Edgerton High School To Add Two AP Science Courses In Fall

By James Pruitt

Increasing enrollment in science classes with an eye toward increasing the number of students who take STEM courses in college is behind adding two new AP classes at Edgerton High School.

The high school will be adding Advance Placement Biology and Chemistry. The courses will be based on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum.

High School Principal Roger Cade informed the Board of Education of the development at its meeting March 14. The additional programs are possible due to a $7,500 grant from the GPD Employees Foundation.

Teacher Tracy Rendleman applied for the grant. The project is titled STEM Challenge: Expanding the Edgerton High School Experience.

The school has chemistry supplies which help offset the cost of purchasing biology textbooks and other supplies.

According to the grant application, students approached administrators and teachers about adding the AP science courses.

Teachers who participate in the program include Olivia Schaffner, who will teach AP Chemistry, Ashley Ebaugh, who will teach an accelerated junior high science class to prepare students for the high school courses and Rendlemen who is the department head and will teach AP Biology.

Financial report improves
Revenues are up compared to last year after the district received tax money through February which helped with cash flow, Treasurer Bill Blakely said.

The district received $300,000 in advance and will receive another $800,000 in March. A smaller amount will be distributed in August.

Expenses are up, but not out of order. Revenue over expenses are tracking better.
Transportation revenues are down, but are still within the five-year forecast.
Food Service is at the break even point which is an important milestone.

New health care option for school employees
Edgerton school district employees now have access to a clinic in Defiance.
The health clinic is located south of the mall and offers employees a no-cost health care option.
The reviews have been extremely positive so far.
There are no co-pays and the clinic has medications on site.
There may be new clinics coming to Archbold and Bryan.

Preschool may grow
Edgerton Schools is looking at expanding its preschool after receiving word that as many as two community preschools will be closing next year.
The district has its own preschool with 11 students in the morning session and 10 in the afternoon session. The school can handle 16 students in each class
“We have room to grow,” Superintendent Andy Morr said “We may have a half-day preschool or a half-day young 5.”

In other news
The bus fleet is getting a look in advance of the annual inspections. The state police will conduct the inspections March 23 over spring break.

The district will commence the online state assessment test Aprill 11.
The district will be adding handicap-accessible bleachers to the football field. The new bleachers will be on the south side of the field by the main bleachers near the concession stand.
“It’s a need for community members,” Superintendent Andy Morr said. “Sept. 1 we will be ready to go.”

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