Village Of Edgerton Prepares For Farmers Market

Edgerton is getting ready to host a farmers market downtown this summer and is planning a vendors meeting April 11.
The market is slated to be open 1-6 p.m. Fridays from May 5 to October 27, a press release from the village stated. The vendor’s meeting will be 4:30 p.m. April 11 at the Village Hall. The meeting is open to all prospective local and regional vendors who would like to join the discussion about the market, as well as sign up to be a vendor.

Vendors must pay $10 for rent before any set-up can be attempted. The market will be at 104. S. Michigan at the Uptown Park.
The market is open to all producers who have a dedicated interest in a successful enterprise that benefits producers and customers.
Vendor spaces are 15-feet wide and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each space must have the vendor name, address and prices prominently displayed.

Vendors must sell their own grown produce unless the “own grown” items are sold out or not available. To be considered “own grown”, vendors must grow produce on their own land, rented land or crop shared with another producer as long as the vendor has financial involvement in the production. Reselling produce from another grower is allowed according to First Right of Refusal Policy.
First Right of Refusal Policy: Trucking and reselling items from another producer is allowed unless a registered vendor is selling the same item from their own production. A registered vendor has the right to reuse another vendor(s) to sell a trucked item if their own grown item is available. Once the “own grown” items are sold out, the truck/wholesale item can be sold. Vendors need to take pride in their produce and appearance and keep the sale area clean and neat at all times, and remove all trash and residue when leaving the market. No bad or damaged produce permitted on your table.

Anyone not cooperating with these rules will be barred from the Farmer’s Market.
Foods That may be sold at the Farmer’s Market are:
• Fresh, unprocessed, uncut produce
• Maple syrup, sorghum or honey (properly labeled)
• Products from “Cottage Food Production” (properly labeled) A “Cottage Food
The new Cottage Food Rule has expanded allowable products to include: Granola, granola bars, granola bars dipped in candy: popcorn, flavored popcorn, kettle corn, popcorn balls, caramel corn: unfilled baked donuts; waffle cones; pizzelles; dry cereal and nut snack mixes with seasonings; roasted coffee, whole beans or ground; dry baking mixes in a jar, including cookie mix in a jar; dry herbs and herb blends; dry seasoning blends; and tea blends.
• Other Items that may be sold at the Farmer’s Market are crafts that are handmade by vendor. Items assembled by kits or flea market merchandise are not permitted. Wood objects must be made of solid wood or plywood. Luan plywood and plastics are not permitted.
• Textile crafts – fabrics must be made of 100 percent natural material.
• Animal Products – vendor is responsible for adhering to all state and local laws.
• Products may not come from protected, endangered or exotic species.

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