Edgerton Transitions To RITA For Income Tax Issues, Payments

By: James Pruitt

Edgerton residents will now be dealing with a new agency to handle their income tax payments.
The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) took over responsibility for the village income tax Sept. 1. RITA sent a letter to Edgerton residents and employers notifying them of the transition and providing contact information, including telephone numbers, addresses and references to RITA’s website, Amy Arrighi, media relations, said.
Income tax filings and payments for Edgerton will now be administered by RITA.
Edgerton taxpayers and employers will have access to services with RITA such as electronic filing, electronic payments, electronic account access with payment history, 24-hour Interactive Voice Response via the agency’s automated telephone system for making payments, checking the status of refunds or checking estimated payments.
Taxpayers and employers in Edgerton can also direct questions to RITA through its Customer Service Department. Agents are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday expanded hours during tax filing season, Arrighi said.
RITA will also handle things like payment plans and other compliance matters for Edgerton.

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