Edon Board of Public Affairs Learns Of RCAP Services

Members of the Edon Board of Public Affairs were apprised of a potential technical assistance program for the Village’s Water Plant when they convened in regular session Monday, October 15, 2012 at Edon Village Hall. Mayor Darlene Burkhardt called the early afternoon meeting to order with Board Members Warren Henry, Andy Ledyard, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell and Water/Wastewater Superintendent Chris Decker in attendance.

“As discussed before, we need to decide what the next step is before we do any replacements or upgrades to the Water Plant,” noted Superintendent Decker. “RCAP is a company that could help us out.”

Decker went on to explain how the Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) provides consulting services to help rural communities address their drinking water and wastewater treatment needs. Working with leaders of the community, program representatives pinpoint the problem, secure affordable funding and eventually, complete the undertaking. Annually, several areas throughout the State are assisted by RCAP in accessing millions of dollars for water and sewer projects.

“RCAP can come in and help us with the design and refabrication of the existing Water Plant,” said Decker. “We’d be able to get what we want without replacing the whole plant ~ and for a reasonable amount of money.” He also shared RCAP could take the Water Tower loan, along with any for plant upgrades, and roll it over into one loan at a lower interest rate. “We could still be back where we are right now with the payments,” noted Decker, “but we won’t have an outdated plant as we move ahead.”

“We’ve got to get something started now,” added Board Member Ledyard. “You know, in a few years, we’re [probably] going to have ten times as many problems. This way we’ll be getting set up right.”

The ensuing discussion resulted in the Board’s decision to find out if RCAP’s services, free to communities serving ten thousand or less, could be of any assistance to the Village. “If we can benefit from cost-saving measures without raising water rates, then we’re all for it.” concluded Superintendent Decker.

Mayor Burkhardt will make the initial contact with RCAP and report her findings back to the Board once available.
In routine business, the Board:

•Approved the Minutes, Financial Report and Bills as presented.
•Learned recent rains would likely result in a slight increase with I & I issues; wastewater measurements should remain controllable.
•Heard findings from last month’s EPA meeting had been received; recommendations and requirements needed to comply with EPA regulations had been completed or were currently being implemented.
•Was updated by Water/Wastewater Superintendent Decker regarding department projects, including: locating service shutoffs, repairing a residential septic tank, working to restore the Village bay waterline and addressing issues with the Co-Op outlet.
•Discussed the combination of two lots into one parcel and how connections to the Village water and sewer lines would be managed; its recommendation ~ current utility tap fees for new construction were applicable ~ would be sent to Council for approval (as outlined in the Water Department’s General Rules and Regulations Handbook).
•Noted the unexpired BPA position (through December 31, 2013) would remain vacant until an appointment is made by the Mayor and confirmed by Village Council.
•Signed the Shut-Off List.

Edon Board of Public Affairs will hold its next meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2012 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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