Edon Board of Public Affairs Meets In Regular Session

VR LOGO - WEBEdon Board of Public Affairs addressed a straightforward agenda when it convened in regular session Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at Village Chambers. Mayor Darlene Burkhardt called the late afternoon meeting to order with Andy Ledyard, Chip Hulbert, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell and Water/Wastewater Superintendent Chris Decker in attendance; not answering roll was Warren Henry.

In business brought forward, members:

•Approved lowering the sewer units for Trailer Tires and Wheels on Woodville Street from two units (sixty-eight dollars) to one (thirty-four dollars) due to below minimum usage at the location and what the facility is used for.

•Heard Superintendent Decker’s monthly update noting maintenance and daily operations were being completed at both plants. He also shared manhole lids were adjusted and tightened; Stryker Welding will fix the air leak on the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s EQ Tank; the backwash filters’ relay had been repaired; there are timer issues with the blower system and four residential tanks were pumped; the Water Treatment Plant’s chlorine pump was serviced and risers on water shut-offs located on East Indiana and Main Streets were now repaired.

•Approved obtaining extra keys for Board access to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants; Superintendent Decker will have copies made.

•Stipulated the Water/Wastewater Superintendent will need to clock in and clock out daily (including one hour for weekends); shifts must be shown on the time clock.

•Agreed to require the Water/Wastewater Superintendent to complete daily log sheets; failure to do so will result in disciplinary action as the Board sees fit.

•Accepted the Minutes, Financial Report and Bills as presented.

•Signed the Shut-Off List.

Edon Board of Public Affairs will hold its next regular meeting Tuesday, November 11, 2014 beginning at 4:30 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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