Edon BOE Stays Close To Home For New Superintendent


Despite getting seven applications for the open superintendent position, the Edon Board of Education decided to go with the lone internal candidate.

The board voted 5-0 in favor of High School Principal Anthony Stevens to replace John Granger as superintendent. Stevens will take over Aug. 1.

“Anthony Stevens is highly qualified,” Board President Jamie Schafter said. “He has been mentored by Dr. Granger.”

Granger has been working with Stevens for the past year to get him ready for the superintendent’s test and the subsequent license. Stevens signed a three-year contract that will pay him $90,800 annually. It is effective Aug. 1 through July 31, 2020.

“Anthony has learned the ropes,” Schafter said. “He (Stevens) definitely had the qualities and qualifications to lead our school.”

Some of those qualities include experience with collective bargaining and understanding of the earned income tax levy and the PI levy, Schafter said. Stevens will be helping to get the income tax renewed, she said.

Stevens’ style of leadership was a big draw for the board.

“He’s very enthusiastic and he loves education,” Schafter said.

Granger is equally excited about Stevens new job. He and Schafter envision a seamless transition.

“They could not have picked a better choice,” Granger said. “I’ve worked with him for two years and I have included him on a lot of activities.”

Stevens, 34, shares the excitement. The fourth-year principal had not thought about becoming a superintendent until Granger spoke to him after he took the top job himself. At the time Stevens said he had no aspirations to be an administrator, but he recalled when he started teaching, he had no desire to become a principal.

“It just grew from there,” Stevens said of his relationship with Granger. “He gave me opportunities to see what the job was like.”

Being offered the job and having the board approve him, has caused him to pause.

“I am very humbled they felt confident enough to offer me the job and approve it,” Stevens said. “I am appreciative of all they have done and what Dr. Granger has done.

“I can’t thank him enough for his mentorship.”

While the transition will be seamless, there will be a lot of work laid out for Stevens. There will be three teaching positions to fill as well as two classified jobs and some coaching vacancies. There will also be a high school principal to hire.

Stevens promises to continue to practice fiscal conservatism and being fiscally responsible.

In other news:
The board commended the February 2017 students of the month: ninth grader, Jacob Dulle and seventh grader, Natalie Spackman.

Approve Donations and Disposals
Kyle Bostater has submitted his resignation as boys’ basketball coach, Granger said. This position will be posted immediately, he said.

The Head Start program may change to an all-day program for 2017-18. If this change is made, Head Start students would ride on Edon’s regular school bus routes with the district’s K-12 students. All of the Head Start employees are licensed to drive a school bus.

“We are working with them to be prepared to join our substitute list for school bus driving,” Granger said.

The board approved two supplemental contracts.

Cathy Frastaci for her extra work as a choir teacher and Jennifer Radabaugh as assistant softball coach.

The board approved hiring Mindy A. Edwards as Care Coordinator effective Aug. 1 through July 31, 2020.

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