Edon Co-Op Celebrates Successful Year; Director Announces Retirement

Recognized by the Co-Op for an amazing 35 years of service was Art Herman.

Recognized by the Co-Op for an amazing 35 years of service was Art Herman.

The Edon Farmers Co-op should hold three more annual meetings to get to 100 and then eliminate the practice altogether.

That’s the recommendation from longtime manager Rick Dunbar who is stepping down after 15 years of running the day-to-day operations of the business. The recommendation is based the changing nature of the association and the cost of putting on the banquet could be better spent on the farmers themselves.

In his address, Dunbar talked about some changes from the FDA that will mean farmers having to get a prescription from a veterinarian every time their animals get sick. New feed bags will be required at every visit for grain.

He was hopeful, the new president will continue to be pro-business and turn back some regulations the U.S. EPA wants to see enacted.

He talked about the $17 million the co-op has spent on fixed uses and how half has gone into Montpelier.

The attendees enjoyed the mealtime and the business meeting.

Auditors and board Chairman Rob Walz cheered on the members with highlights from the snapshot of the year. The co-op had $85.9 million in sales and a margin before income tax of $1,321,092.

Members will get 100 percent of $228,000 paid out this year.

The fluctuating nature of commodities is seen in a chart that showed the co-op seeing sales of $121.5 million only four years ago, but that was when soybeans were going for $16 a bushel instead of $9 this year, Walz said.

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