Edon High School Hosts Seventeenth Annual Academic Awards Night

EHS 2015 Academic Awards Night - LHF(11)Students, parents, faculty and guests attended the Seventeenth Annual Edon High School Academic Awards Night program held Monday evening, May 18, 2015 in the Edon Schools Auditeria. The following awards and scholarships were presented to well-deserving students in grades nine through twelve:

Presented by: Ms. Danielle Raszka and Mr. Steve Stamper, Language Arts; Mrs. Lisa Heslop, Spanish; Mrs. Suzanne Hollabaugh, Physical Education & Health; Mr. Mark Blue and Mr. Scott Staten, Social Studies; Mrs. Annette Peckham and Ms. Jennifer Radabaugh, Mathematics; Mrs. Kayla Lapham and Mrs. Hilary Staten, Science.

J.J. Braun – Robotics II Leadership
Logan Bloir – Top Spanish I Student
Kaitlin Chrisman – Outstanding Anatomy Student
Natasha Dixon – Most Improved English 9 Student
Destany DuVall – Most Improved English 10 Student
Cort Eicher – Outstanding Science 9 Student
Tyler Frantom – Outstanding American History Student, AP Calculus Academic Excellence, Chemistry Academic Achievement
Kaela Gearhart – Spanish III Academic Excellence
Alex Kirkingburg – Outstanding Spanish IV Student, Physics Academic Excellence
Sarah Lemmon – Physical Education Effort & Attitude
Cameron Lord – Health Scholarship & Effort, Outstanding Social Studies 9 Student
Shalyn Mason – Physical Education Effort & Attitude
Kenny Ordway – Lifetime Fitness Effort & Attitude
Phillip Richmond – Top English 12 Student, Government Academic Excellence
Destinee Riter – Environmental Science Scholarship
Tyler Seaman – Outstanding Advanced Math Student
Karissa Sonneberger – Top English 11 Student, Outstanding Spanish II Student, Global Studies Academic Achievement, Algebra II Scholarship, Biology Academic Excellence
Lexi Sponseller – Geometry Academic Achievement

Awarded to students with 3.5 or higher Cumulative GPA

Jared Best, Katie Church, Hannah Kaylor, Joshua Landel, Sarah Lemmon, Alyssa Maier, Shaylee Manahan, Paige Schaffter, Karissa Sonneberger, Samantha Trausch, Jordan Winebernner, Eliza Zulch

Landon Bloir, Orion Dargitz, Breanna Davis, Alexia Ewers, Tyler Frantom, Kaela Gearhart, Brenda Harrington, Andrew LaDuke, Colten Lyman, James Peckham, Hayden Runyan, Tyler Seaman, Kaitlyn Sonneberger

Kaitlin Chrisman, Coy Dunkle, Brendan Fifer, Autumn Joice, Emily Kaylor, Alexandra Kiess, Alex Kirkingburg, Lyle Long, Karlin Munger, Phillip Richmond, Kaden Sapp, Garrett Trausch, Karlee Trausch

Kyle Long – Agriculture Education (Six credits)
Alex Kirkingburg – Spanish
Phillip Richmond – English, Social Studies (Five credits), Math (Five Credits, Science

OHSAA Scholar Athletes
Alex Kirkingburg, Kaitlin Chrisman

*Recipients earned a minimum of four varsity letters and achieved the highest scholastic average at the end of the first semester their senior year. Presented on behalf of the Ohio High School Athletic Association to students for their dedication and commitment on and off the field.

US Army Reserve Scholar Athletes
Alex Kiess, Kaden Sapp
*Students who achieved the winning combination of excellence in both academics and athletics ~ a balance many people aspire to but only a handful achieve.

US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award
Kyle Long

*This award reinforces the “tough and smart” image of the Marine Corps by recognizing noteworthy academic achievements as well as leadership excellence. This student is an exemplary student who is a role model and leader of his peers.

HOBY ~ Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
Sponsored by Edon Academic Booster Club
Eliza Zulch – Full scholarship
Samantha Trausch – Partial scholarship
Buckeye Boys and Girls State
Sponsored by Edon American Legion Post 662 and Edon Lions Club
Alexia Ewers, Kaela Gearhart, Tyler Frantom, Jim Peckham
Bryan Times Academic All-Star Award
Annual award of one hundred dollars cash and plaque to an outstanding student based on academic achievement, school activities and leadership qualities.
Alex Kirkingburg
Duguid Fetters Long English Achievement Award
Cash grant given in honor of Miss Gladys Duguid, former English teacher at Edon from 1920-1924.
Karlin Munger

Senior Creative Writing Award
Plaque and fifty dollar award sponsored by Friends of the Edon Public Library.
Phillip Richmond

DAR – Good Citizen Award
*Awarded annually by Daughters of the American Revolution for leadership, dependability, service and patriotism. Alex’s essay was selected not only as Chapter Winner, but as District Winner (from thirty-two chapter entrants) as well. It has now been submitted to the national competition.
Alex Kirkingburg

Academic Quiz Bowl
Varsity Team
Coy Dunkle, Brendan Fifer, Tyler Frantom, Emily Kaylor, Alex Kirkingburg, Kyle Long, Jim Peckham, Phillip Richmond

Junior Varsity Team
2014 Award Winner
Logan Bloir, Thor Dunkle, Graeden Rupp, Travis Siebenaler, Grant Sims

Mock Trial
Team Alpha – Attorneys
Autumn Joice, Alex Kirkingburg, Kyle Long, Phillip Richmond
Team Alpha – Witnesses
Kaitlin Chrisman, Brendan Fifer, Alex Kiess, Nicole Newell, Kaden Sapp
Team Beta – Attorneys
Coy Dunkle, Emily Kaylor, Alexis Mitchell, Destinee Riter
Team Beta – Witnesses
Zane Eicher, Karli Munger, Kenny Ordway, Luke Price, Karlee Trausch
Outstanding Witness Award – Luke Price, Kaden Sapp
Outstanding Attorney Award – Kyle Long

Kaitlin Chrisman – University of Findlay
Brendan Fifer – Defiance College
Autumn Joice – University of Findlay
Emily Kaylor – University of Toledo
Alex Kiess – Wittenberg University
Alex Kirkingberg – Trine University
Kyle Long – Trine University
Karlin Munger – Northwest State Community College
Phillip Richmond – University of Oklahoma
Kaden Sapp – Trine University
Karlee Trausch – International Business College

Class of 2015 Post High School Plans
Four-year College – 34%
Two-year College – 21%
Joining the workforce – 36%
Joining the military – 1%

Franklin B. Walter Scholastic Award
Top students recognized by the State of Ohio based upon academic achievement, ACT scores, school and community activities; award includes two hundred dollars.
Alex Kirkingburg
United States GI Bill & Tuition Assistance
Zane Eicher – U.S. Army National Guard
Garrett Trausch – U.S. Army
Northwest State Arrow Tru-Line President’s Scholarship – Taya Mason

Edon FFA Alumni Scholarship – Heath Brown, Kyle Long
National Wildlife Turkey Federation Scholarship – Kaden Sapp
Pepsi Cola Scholarship – Alexandra Kiess
Theta Kappa Chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority Scholarship – Kaitlin Chrisman, Alexandra Kiess
Bryan Kiwanis Club Scholarship – Brendan Fifer
Jerry Humphrey Memorial Scholarship – Kaden Sapp
Edon Northwest Schools Alumni Association Scholarship – Heath Brown, Taya Mason, Alexis Mitchell, Karlin Munger, Luke Price
Edon Church of Christ Scholarship – Kyle Long
Church Women United Thrift Shop Scholarship – Alex Kirkingburg
National FFA Foundation~Ford Trucks/Built Ford Tough Scholarship – Kyle Long, Kaden Sapp
Edon Farmers Cooperative Employee’s Children Scholarship – Kaitlin Chrisman
Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons Scholarship – Kyle Long
The Dan Hickman-Gib Friskney Scholarship – Taya Mason, Floyd Young
Thomas E. Phillips Memorial Scholarship – Emily Kaylor
Dr. Mark A. Gearhart Memorial Scholarship – Phillip Richmond
John W. Allomong Memorial Scholarship – Emily Kaylor
Jerry Luce Memorial Scholarship – Karlee Trausch
Thiel-Hartman Memorial Scholarship – Kaden Sapp
Robin B. Spangler Memorial Scholarship – Kaitlin Chrisman, Autumn Joice, Alex Kirkingburg
Cheryl Miller Memorial Scholarship – Taya Mason
Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship – Kaitlin Chrisman, Brendan Fifer, Alexandra Kiess. Alex Kirkingburg, Kyle Long, Nicole Newell, Phillip Richmond, Karlee Trausch, Floyd Young
County North Foundation Scholarship – Emily Kaylor
Frank and Elaine Lesnet Miseta Scholarship – Phillip Richmond
Lautzenheiser-Smith Scholarship – Autumn Joice

Current Total Renewable Value Scholarships and College Aid – $809,630
Heath Brown – Edon Northwest Alumni Association Scholarship, $500; Edon FFA Alumni Scholarship, $100; Pell Grant, $3,380.
Kaitlin Chrisman – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; Theta Kappa Chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority Scholarship, $300; Edon Farmers Co-Op Employee’s Children Scholarship, $1,000; Robin B. Spangler Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; University of Findlay President’s Scholarship, $60,000 ($15,000×4); University of Findlay Institutional Grant, $5,250.
Brendan Fifer – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; Bryan Kiwanis Club Scholarship, $750; Defiance College Dean’s Scholarship, $72,000 ($18,000×4).
Autumn Joice – Lautzenheiser-Smith Scholarship, $12,000 ($3,000×4); Robin B. Spangler Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; University of Findlay President’s Scholarship, $64,000 ($16,000×4); University of Findlay Institutional Grant, $9,550.
Emily Kaylor – John W. Allomong Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Thomas E. Phillips Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; County North Foundation Scholarship, $8,000 ($2,000×4); University of Toledo Honors Award, $26,000 ($6,500×4); University of Toledo Housing Award $2,000 ($500×4); Ohio College Opportunity Grant, $1,048; Pell Grant, $5,775; Supplemental Grant, $600.
Alexandra Kiess – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; Theta Kappa Chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority Scholarship, $300; Pepsi Cola Scholarship, $300; Ohio Synod Endowed Scholarship, $500; Wittenberg University Scholar Award, $76,000 ($19,000×4); Wittenberg Grant, $4,000; Wittenberg Residency Grant, $1,768.
Alex Kirkingburg – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; Robin B. Spangler Memorial Scholarship, $2,000; Franklin B. Walters Scholastic Award, $200; Church Women United Thrift Shop Scholarship, $1,000; Trine University Presidential Scholarship, $60,000 ($15,000×4); Trine Legacy Scholarship, $8,000 ($2,000×4); Trine Valedictorian/Salutatorian Award, $10,000 ($2,500×4); Pell Grant, $2,725; TI Grant, $500; Bryan Times Academic All-Star Team Award, $100.
Roxana Klempner – Pell Grant, $1,680.
Kyle Long – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; FFA Ford Trucks/Built Ford Tough Scholarship, $1,000; The Grand Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio Scholarship, $1,200; Edon FFA Alumni Scholarship, $100; Edon Church of Christ Scholarship, $1,000; Trine Tuition Incentive Grant, $500; Trine University Distinguished Scholarship, $54,000 ($13,500×4); Trine University Boys State Award, $8,000 ($2,000×4); Trine University Christian Campus Housing Scholarship, $1,000; Trine Opportunity Award, $6,000; Pell Grant, $3,125.
Taya Mason – Edon Northwest Alumni Association Scholarship, $1,000; The Dan Hickman-Gib Friskney Scholarship, $1,000; Northwest State Arrow Tru-Line President’s Scholarship, $2,000; Cheryl Miller Memorial Scholarship, $500.
Alexis Mitchell – Edon Northwest Alumni Association Scholarship, $1,000; University of Findlay Scholarship Award, $36,000 ($9,000×4).
Karlin Munger – Edon Northwest Alumni Association Scholarship, $1,000; Pell Grant, $4,025.
Nicole Newell – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $2,000; University of Toledo Regents Award, $14,000 ($3,500×4).
Lucas Price – Edon Northwest Alumni Association Scholarship, $500; Saint Joseph’s College Kious-Waugh Grant, $34,000 ($8,500×4); Saint Joseph’s College SJC Access Grant, $20,000 ($5,000×4); Saint Joseph’s College St. Katharine Drexel Grant, $4,000 ($1,000×4).
Phillip Richmond – Dr. Mark Gearhart Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $1,000; Frank and Elaine Lesnet Miseta Scholarship, $10,000 ($2,500×4); University of Oklahoma Academic Achievement Award, $20,000 ($5,000×4); Pell Grant, $5,775.
Julian Ridgway – Trine University Distinguished Scholarship Award, $54,000 ($13,500×4); Trine University Opportunity Award, $4,400; Pell Grant, $2,125.
Kaden Sapp – Thiel-Hartman Scholarship, $1,000; Jerry Humphrey Scholarship, $850; FFA Ford Trucks/Built Ford Tough Scholarship, $1,000; National Wildlife Turkey Federation Scholarship, $250; Trine University Dean’s Scholarship, $46,000 ($11,500×4); Trine University Opportunity Award, $600; TI Grant, $500.
Karlee Trausch – Jerry Luce Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $1,000; Pell Grant, $3,125; SEOG, $100.
Floyd Young – Fred and Hazel Ingram Family Scholarship, $1,000; The Dan Hickman-Gib Friskney Scholarship, $1,000; David L. Kahler Power Equipment Endowed Scholarship, $729; Leppo Scholarship, $1,000.

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