Edon High School Receives Bomb Threat; Dismisses School Early

   This school year, our local schools have missed several days due to inclement weather.  The students of Edon High School on Wednesday, February 12 lost more classroom time, this time due to a bomb threat discovered at the school.

     At approximately 12:30, a student reported to the administration a note written on one of the bathroom walls, making a bomb threat.  Once this information was passed on to the administration, safety protocols previously established were put into action and local emergency agencies were contacted.  According to a statement released by the school, after assessing the situation, Superintendent Ed Ewers ordered an evacuation of all students using the early dismissal procedures and parental notification was conducted used the parental notification system.

     The Edon Northwest Local School District published the following information regarding the situation:  “ Per our safety protocols, law enforcement agencies were on campus and they took over the investigation. They enacted procedures, including obtaining dogs capable of searching the school for any possible threat. The K-9 team from the Toledo Police Department arrived on campus approximately 5:00 PM. The two-man team searched the entire Pre-K 12 facility, and by approximately 7:30 PM it was determined that the school was safe to return to normal activities. The district sent another notice to parents and staff alerting them that school would resume as scheduled on Thursday.”

     This incident remains under investigation according to local law enforcement officials.

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