Edon High School Seniors Are S.T.A.R.S.

N1104P57019C copyMaking eye contact. Extending a firm handshake. Answering tough questions with confidence. Choosing the correct fork in a place setting.
Nothing to it, right?
For some, maybe. But for most high school students, not knowing about simple interviewing tricks or tips can result in being an outsider when it comes to getting into the college of their choice, securing a job or earning a scholarship.
For the second consecutive year, seniors at Edon High School were able to gain access to this “insider information” while also finding out more about themselves during a special Be Your S.T.A.R. seminar led by life coach Carrie Vollmer-Sanders.
Throughout the morning sessions, students participated in group activities, heard how their strengths could be measured through the DiSC Personality Test and learned the art of interviewing ~ from writing cover letters, resumes and the follow-up “thank you” to social networking and creating the “Thirty Second Commercial”. Students even enjoyed a fashion show on appropriate and professional dress along with proper meal etiquette as demonstrated in What Are All These Forks For? and The Bread and Butter of a Meeting. Capping off the event was a business luncheon with Edon leaders.
Be Your Self To Achieve Respect ~ S.T.A.R. is a seminar that inspires students to focus on his or her strengths to reach his or her potential in preparation for life after high school, specifically with presenting him or herself, interviewing and participating in lunch meetings.
Edon Lions Club sponsored this year’s seminar at Edon Northwest Local Schools.

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