Edon High School Students Perform “Bye, Bye Birdie”


Edon High School presented the classic play “Bye, Bye Birdie,” to the community and the town came out strong in its support. The Friday night (Nov. 18) performance was sold out, advisor Christina Perry said. “The show was well-received,” Perry said. “The community enjoyed it.”

The cast of Bye Bye Birdie performed by Edon High School students are: Albert Peterson: Logan Bloir; Rose Alvarez: Melody Nofziger; Kim Macafee: Hannah Kaylor; Conrad Birdie: Hunter Hodapp; Hugo: Cameron Reed; Mr. Macafee: Riley Manahan; Mrs. Macafee: Alyssa Maier; Randolph Macafee: Trey Whitney; Ursula Merkle: Riley Bloir; Mrs. Merkle: Shaylee Manahan; Mae “Mama” Peterson: Eliza Zulch; Harvey Johnson: Brayden Bauer; Helen: Tamara Mills; Nancy: Karissa Sonneberger; Alice: Desi Bohn. Margie: Faith Livensparger; Deborah Sue (Suzie): Emily Fox; Penelope: Lindsey Goebel; Sad Girl #1: Paige Schaffter; Sad Girl #2: Jordan Runyan; One Girl: Kayla Kurtz; The Mayor: Dru Walkowski; The Mayor’s Wife: Aly Bergdall; 1st Reporter: Marta Pennacchio; 2nd Reporter: Netta Halonen; Cameraman: Shane Zulch; Mr. Johnson: Kase Hug; Traveler: Darius Kurtz; Trainman/Conductor: Kase Hug; Girl’s Voice: Murphy Smith; Man’s Voice: Shane Zulch; Another Voice: Cameron Reed; Third Voice: Dru Walkowski; Fourth Voice: Brayden Bauer; Gloria Rasputin:Samantha Trausch; Bartender/Maude: Brayden Bauer; Dishwasher: Riley Manahan; 1st Customer: Dru Walkowski and 2nd Customer: Darius Kurtz.

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