Edon High School’s The Wedding Singer Totally Dazzling!

EHS Wedding Singer Nov2014 - LHF(4) WEBBy: Lucinda Held-Faulhaber

“It’s Saturday night, Saturday night, Saturday night in the city!”

While Saturday nights in Edon are generally a long way away from the glitz and glamour of high-rolling Vegas or New York’s bright lights and Wall Street wheeler-dealers, it was, however, the place to be when Edon High School presented its fall musical production The Wedding Singer.

Staged the weekend of November 14-15, 2014, The Wedding Singer is based on the 1998 movie of the same name starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the title roles. Adapted as a stage musical for Broadway six years later, this romantic comedy follows the trials of Robbie Hart, a rock-star wannabe who lives in his grandmother’s basement!

While trying to make a living as a singer/songwriter, Robbie finally finds his “niche” playing at weddings alongside bandmates Sammy and George. But when Jersey’s favorite wedding singer is jilted at the altar, a seriously depressed Robbie loses faith in love and can no longer sing at weddings (or any function, for that matter!)

Finding comfort in helping Julia, an acquaintance, plan her own wedding, Robbie ~ as you would expect ~ falls in love with the sweet waitress who continuously questions if her fiancée is the right one after all. Confusion, misunderstandings and mix-ups abundantly transpire before Robbie finally sings his way into Julia’s heart.

From the moment you entered the reception hall and joined the young newlywed’s celebration (and quietly singing “It’s Your Wedding Day”), old and young alike were captivated. With remarkable talents, this amazing Wedding Singer cast immediately brought you into their 1985 world ~ complete with big hair and mullets, Wall Street sharks, Reaganomics, neon lights, cellular “bag” phones, shoulder pads and off-the-shoulder shirts, “Thriller” zombies, the worm, the hustle, even leggings ~ and throughout the evening, made you feel right at home.

You witnessed the love and excitement of each couple on their wedding day; were fascinated by the energetic, outspoken (and hilarious) Grandma Rosie; nearly fell out of your seat each time the flamboyant effeminate George stole the scene; couldn’t decide if you should love ~ or hate ~ the smooth and debonair Glen; rooted for soft-hearted Sammy as he tried proving to Holly, he’s her right man; secretly hoped Linda would eventually get her comeuppance; got your dancing feet moving as Holly and the gang enjoyed “Saturday Night in the City” and jumped for joy went the wedding singer got his girl!

The directors hit the mark again as actors perfectly cast for his or her role were absolutely believable! Their enthusiasm, confidence, expertise on the dance floor, engaging facial expressions and textbook comedic timing, drew audience members into the scene ~ you were in the wedding hall attending lavish receptions; you were combing the department store looking for that perfect set of towels; you secretly did want to become a big spender and you happily rejoiced when Julia became Mrs. Robbie Hart (and not Julia Gulia!)

The immense amount of time spent memorizing lines, learning song lyrics, perfecting dance moves from the 1980s and understanding the uniqueness of his or her character truly paid off in the end; cast members, undeniably became their character and were simply fabulous!

Cast of The Wedding Singer
Robbie Hart – Alex Kirkingburg

Julia Sullivan – Kaitlyn Sonneberger

Sammy – Shane Kohl

George – Logan Bloir

Holly – Alexis Mitchell

Glen – Trey Walz

Rosie – Eliza Zulch

Linda – Shaylee Manahan

Angie – Alyssa Maier

David, Ricky – Colten Lyman

Clerk – Nancy Reagan, Karli Munger

Unibrown Girl – Emily Kaylor

Mookie, Macho Man, Bum – Kenny Ordway

Crystal – Alex Kiess

Cyndi Lauper – Kaylie Jo Brown

Donatella – Alyson Bergdall

2nd Waitress – Karissa Sonneberger

Tiffany – Murphy Smith

Priest – Zane Eicher

Donny, 2nd Suit – Evan Fisk

1st Waiter, Agent – Hunter Hodapp

Father of the Bride, Billy Idol – Travis Siebenaler

Bad Haircut Guy – Thor Dunkle

Shane – Justin Braun

Ponytail Guy – JJ Braun

Glen’s Secretary – Kaela Gearhart

Junior Secretary – Paige Schaffter

Ronald Reagan – Andrew LaDuke

Joan Jett – Hannah Kaylor

Imelda Marcos Bride, Sideburns Lady – Samantha Trausch

Lead Dancers – Olivia Radabaugh, Shaylee Manahan, Samantha Trausch, Paige Schaffter

Ensemble – Aurora Joseph, Josh Braun, Destany DuVall

Directors – Crystal Bowers, Cathy Frastaci

Student Director – Alyssa Maier

Orchestra Pit
Keyboard – Lora Knight, Trish Long

Guitar – Kevin Devers, Michael Espinosa
Percussion – Kim Hickman, Tyler Frantom

Bass – Larry Vogelsong

Woodwinds – Christa Perry, Jim Gallehue

Trumpet – BJ Bany

Production Staff
Lighting – Kaden Dulle, Hayden Runyan, Jim Peckham, Samantha Wiedmer

Choreography – Theron Steinke, Samantha Trausch, Shaylee Manahan

Sound – Kyle Long, Braden Miller, Jeff Frastaci

Costumes – Dawn Fisk, Amy Boyer, Tricia Joseph, Misti Bergdall

Stage Crew – Phillip Richmond, Sarah Lemmon, Kailee Mitchell, Selena Heckman, Sara Hiller, Jackie Dargitz,
Robert Clark

Set Design & Construction – Pat Manahan, Brian Eicher, Wes Maier, PM Roofing Systems, Manahan Construction, Shelley Emmons, Mark Trausch, Shad Zulch, Edon FFA, PJ Richmond, Kyle Long

Hair & Makeup – Mindy Stayner, Theresa Zulch, Jacque Radabaugh, Jamie Schaffter, Pat Brigle, Tina Parrish, David Loughborough, Abby Hickman, Jill Jacoby

Edon High School’s The Wedding Singer proved that true love eventually will find you! Long after the cast and crew strike the set, memories of Robbie, Julia, Sammy, George, Holly, Glen, Rosie, Linda and the incomparable remaining cast, will long be etched in the hearts of not only each person in the production, but in those of their family, friends and community as well.

“Oh, when it’s your wedding day
and my music starts to play
I can guarantee that

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