Edon Junior High Musicians Participate In OMEA Event

Edon 2015 JH Solo & Ensemble - LHF(1) WEBMusicians from Edon Northwest Local Schools participated in the annual Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 1 Junior High Solo and Ensemble adjudicated event held last month at Defiance High School.
Using The Ohio Plan of Adjudication, judges awarded each performance with a Rating I ~ Superior; II ~ Excellent or III ~ Good. Results are as follows:

Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Contest
Instrumental Solos
Superior Rating (I)
Hannah Ater ~ Euphonium
Wendy Braun ~ Trumpet
Jordan Runyan ~ Flute
Faith Livensparger ~ Piano
Melody Nofziger ~ Piano
Tamara Mills ~ Piano
Brooklyn Morris ~ Clarinet

Instrumental Solos
Excellent Rating (II)
Tammie Julian ~ Flute
Melody Nofziger ~ Flute

Instrumental Ensembles
Excellent Rating (II)
Edon Flute Trio
Caitlyn Dietsch, Jordan Runyan, Tammie Julian

Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest
Vocal Solos
Superior Rating (I)
Riley Bloir
Stanley Heckman
Jordan Runyan
Faith Livensparger
Melody Nofziger
Tamara Mills

Vocal Solos
Excellent Rating (II)
Candace Shaw

Vocal Ensembles
Superior Rating (I)
Edon Women’s Ensemble
Riley Bloir, Michelle Callaway,
Tammie Julian, Kayla Kurtz,
Faith Livensparger, Mardeena Merritt,
Brooklyn Morris, Jordan Runyan,
Tessa Steinke

Vocal Ensembles
Excellent Rating (II)
Edon Mixed Ensemble
Wade Allport, Riley Bloir, Michelle Callaway,
Jenny Cook, Justin Estep, Clayton Fitch,
Stanley Heckman, Tammie Julian, Blaine Kimball,
Darius Kurtz, Kayla Kurtz, Faith Livensparger,
Mardeena Merritt, Tamara Mills, Brooklyn Morris,
Jordan Runyan, Tessa Steinke, Naudia Warner

Rating I (Superior) ~ An outstanding performance, with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. This rating should be reserved for the truly outstanding performance.
Rating II (Excellent) ~ An unusual performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance, ineffective interpretation or improper instrumentation.
Edon Junior High students are under the direction of Ms. Christa Perry, Instrumental Music and Mrs. Cathy Frastaci, Vocal Music.


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