Edon Musicians Participate In OMEA Adjudicated Event


Musicians from Edon High School assembled on Saturday, January 28, 2017 at Bryan High School to participate in the daylong Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) ~ District 1 High School Solo and Ensemble Contest. Using The Ohio Five Rating Plan of Adjudication, judges awarded each performance with a Rating I (Outstanding); Rating II (Unusual), Rating III, (Acceptable); Rating IV, (Poor) or Rating V, (Very Poor) in one of following three Classes ~ A, B, C, with Class A being the most difficult.
Performances by Edon students earned the following ratings:

Rating I ~ Superior
Solo Performances

Logan Bloir – Piano/Class A
Taylor Brown – Alto/Class C
Michelle Callaway – Alto Sax/Class C
Emily Fox – Trumpet/Class C
Hunter Hodapp – Tenor Sax/Class C
Hannah Kaylor – Alto Sax/Class B; Soprano/Class A
Kayla Kurtz – Clarinet/Class C
Faith Livensparger – Mezzo Soprano/Class B; Piano/Class C; Horn/Class B
Alyssa Maier – Trumpet/Class B
Tamara Mills – Mezzo Soprano/Class C; Piano/Class C
Brooklyn Morris – Clarinet/Class C
Melody Nofziger – Mezzo Soprano/Class B; Piano/Class C; Piccolo/Class B; Flute/Class B

Rating I ~ Superior
Ensemble Performances

The Edon Women’s Vocal Ensemble – Class C
Aly Bergdall, Desi Bohn, Taylor Brown, Jacki Dargitz. Hannah Kaylor, Kayla Kurtz, Faith Livensparger, Tamara Mills, Candace Shaw

The Edon Vocal Quartet – Class C
Logan Bloir, Hunter Hodapp, Hannah Kaylor, Alyssa Maier

The Edon Mixed Vocal Ensemble – Class C
Logan Bloir, John Cooper, Thor Dunkle, Hunter Hodapp, Austin Huffman, Hannah Kaylor, Darius Kurtz, Kayla Kurtz, Alyssa Maier, Melody Nofziger

The Edon Saxophone Quartet – Class C
Colin Dulle, Hunter Hodapp, Hannah Kaylor, Karissa Sonneberger

The Edon Horn Trio – Class C
Faith Livensparger, Kailee Mitchell, Taylor Trausch

The Edon Clarinet Trio – Class C
Kayla Kurtz, Tamara Mills, Brooklyn Morris

Rating II ~ Excellent
Solo Performances
Hannah Ater – Euphonium/Class C
Thor Dunkle – Trumpet/Class C; Bass/Class B
Hunter Hodapp – Tenor/Class B
Darius Kurtz – Bass/Class C
Kayla Kurtz – Mezzo Soprano/Class C
Alyssa Maier – Piano/Class B
Jordan Runyan – Flute/Class C
Candace Shaw – Mezzo Soprano
Class C

Rating II ~ Excellent
Ensemble Performance
The Edon Euphonium Trio – Class C
Hannah Ater, Thor Dunkle, Emily Fox

Festival Performance
Comments Only
Jenny Cook – Alto Sax/Class C

Edon High School music students are under the direction of Miss Christa Perry, instrumental and Mrs. Cathy Frastaci, vocal.


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