Edon Northwest Local Board Of Education Approves Fiscal Year 2015 Permanent Appropriations

VR LOGO - WEBIn addition to addressing routine matters, Edon Northwest Local Board of Education approved permanent appropriations for the District during its regular session held Tuesday, September 9, 2014. President Brad McCrea called the 5:30 p.m. meeting to order with all members in attendance.

Edon Northwest Local Schools
Permanent Appropriations
Fiscal Year 2015

General Fund
Personal Services – Wages: $3,073,100
Personal Services – Retirement/Insurance: 1,227,639
Purchased Services: 1,330,796
Supplies: 201,102
Capital Outlay (Add): 750
Other Objects: 78,156
Other Uses of Funds: 6,100
Total General Fund: $5,917,643

Special Revenue Funds
Food Service: $255,460
Food Service – Special Function: 2,350
Uniform Supply: 15,020
Public School Support: 22,665
Other Miscellaneous Grants: 1,732
Classroom Facilities – Maintenance: 183,110

Athletic Funds: 137,100
Ohio K-12 Network Subsidy (15): 3,600
Straight A Grant (14): 3,858
Race-to-the-Top (15): 3,897
IDEA-B (14): 20,689
IDEA-B (15): 106,038
Title I (14): 23,190
Title I (15): 154,264
Preschool Disabilities (15): 2,599
Title II-A (14): 7,097
Title II-A (15): 27,422
Rural Education Achievement Program (14): $14,678
Rural Education Achievement Program (15): 32,500
Total Special Revenue: $1,017,269

Debt Service Funds
Bond Retirement (#1): $87,125
Bond Retirement (#2): 205,688
Total Debt Service Funds: $292,813

Capital Project Funds
Permanent Improvement (Nov 09): 283,869
Total Capital Project Funds: $283,869

Trust & Agency Funds
Trip Fund: 3,600
Flower Fund: 265
OHSAA Boys Sectional Fund: 750
OHSAA Girls Sectional Fund: 200
Student Activities: 68,607
Total Trust & Agency Funds: $73,422


To view FY 2015 Permanent Appropriations in it entirety, visit the District’s website at www.edon.k12.oh.us; follow the BoardDocs/Public link (lower left on the homepage) to September 9 Regular Board Meeting. For any additional information or to have questions answered, feel free to contact Superintendent Ed Ewers or District Treasurer Kerry Samples at 419-272-3213 during regular school hours.
In action taken that night, Board members:
•Accepted Cash Donations from anonymous donors for FFA (ninety-six dollars) and Boys Basketball (fifty dollars) Funds and a five hundred dollar Gift Donation from Debra Green for painting in the Media Center.
•Approved German III and Latin II 2014-2015 course fees (ten dollars/manual).
•Approved an agreement with Wood County Juvenile Detention Center (sixty-four dollars/day per student) and Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio (sixty-four dollars/day per student) for 2014-2015 as needed.
•Approved the Fall 2014 Test Administration and Edon Northwest Local Test Security Plan. (Annual requirement.)
•Approved 2014-2015 Tuition Rates: In-State ($3,095.89) and Out-of-State ($8,793.25).
•Approved 2014-2015 Supplemental Contracts with Suzanne Hollabaugh (Junior High Golf/fifty percent); Mark Blue (Junior High Golf/fifty percent); Dawn Becker, Michelle Free, Pam Rupp, Cathy Frastaci, Deb Gensler (Entry Year Mentors); Katie Germann, Jessica Horning, Kayle Kaman, Christa Perry, Hannah Crossen (Entry Year Teachers) and Brien Moore (Junior High Football Coach).
•Rescinded Cody Chrisman’s supplemental contract as Fifth and Sixth Grade Boys Basketball Coach for the 2014-2015 school year.
•Approved Mark Blue’s volunteer contract as National Honor Society Advisor for the 2014-2015 school year.
•Approved 2014-2015 Regular Bus Route adjustments for Kim Hickman (2.5 hrs. to 3.0 hrs.); Sharon Aeschliman (2.5 hrs. to 2.75 hrs.); Mike Livensparger (2.5 hrs. to 2.75 hrs.) along with Connie Allomong’s Four County Route (4.0 hrs. to 4.75 hrs.)
•Heard District Treasurer Kerry Samples’ standard SM2 Report indicating revenues were down seven thousand dollars and expenses up fifty-two thousand dollars for the same two-month period as last year; the District is currently tracking fifty-nine thousand dollars worse than a year ago. (Additionally, the report noted: open enrollment revenue is down from last year; a worker’s comp refund was received in 2014; ESC preschool and special education purchased services costs have increased and payment was made to Montpelier Schools for the shared service agreement/ School Psychologist.)
•Approved minutes from the regular meeting held August 12 as well as August’s Financial Reports.
•Noted the Policy Committee would convene following the regular meeting to review possible policy updates. (All policies can be viewed on the District’s website; follow the BoardDocs link on the homepage.)
Prior to adjournment, members voted to enter into Executive Session for the expressed purpose of discussing negotiations; no action was taken.
The next regular monthly meeting of the Edon Northwest Local Board of Education will be held Tuesday, October 14, 2014 in the school’s Media Center beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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