Edon Offense Stalls, Bombers Lose To Northwood

football(October 17th, 2014)-EDON: The Bomber defense didn’t play nearly as bad as the score would indicate.

It’s only natural to put a majority of the blame on a defense when one’s team loses 55-16. Yet, Northwood had less than 300 total yards in the game, hardly indicative of an offensive explosion. Then there’s the fact that Northwood only made 13 first downs, which also is a fairly low number for such a high score.
So what happened?
It begins with this; For the first time this season, the Bombers struggled to move the ball. They were able to start drives well, as 17 first downs would indicate, but there were consistency issues with their offense. This led to a decent number of punts.
This is where one of the major issues Edon had came into play. The Bombers were not very successful in covering punts. All season long, they’ve struggled to tackle in space, and Northwood made them pay for it. The Rangers ran one punt back for a touchdown, and took another just a few yards short of the endzone. Hidden yards is a popular term for those which are gained on special teams.
Northwood had a lot of hidden yards.
Turnovers are also hard to overcome, and the Bombers had 4 of them on the evening, including an interception that was returned for a long touchdown. Edon’s defense was able to force three turnovers of their own, though, theoretically lessening the impact of their offense’s mistakes.
Overall, Edon only passes for 149 yards and 3 interceptions, with quarterback Kaden Sapp completing 12 of 35 passes for 139 and all three picks. They also rushed for a mere 79 yards, well below their usual production on the ground. The running game did provided both Bomber touchdowns, as a saving grace.
Perhaps the biggest factor in the game, however, was depth. Northwood had significantly more bodies on their sideline than Edon. This game was a decent one in the first half, with the Bombers going into halftime down 20-8. The Rangers did more than half of their offensive damage in the second half. Having a larger rotation of players is a huge advantage, and can determine the outcome of games.
This loss is not on Edon’s defense. They played well, though there were a few slip ups. No, offense and special teams had a rough time against Northwood, and played a bigger role in the defeat. Fatigue may have been the leading factor overall, though.
Edon will continue its Toledo Area Athletic Conference schedule this week, as they take on Ottawa Hills.

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